Warranty Terms & Conditions

Magicshine warrants to the original purchaser of its product that the product be free of defects in material and workmanship for the period of:

· Light head: ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY from the date of purchase.
· Battery, charger and other accessories: 180 days from the date of purchase.

Warranty is only valid to products purchased from magicshine.us. Proof of purchase and product’s serial number printed on user manual/warranty card/packing box are required when obtaining warranty service. 

Below is an example to show serial number on user manual/warranty card/packing box.

This guarantee does not cover damages including but not limited to road hazards, improper installation, operation, willful abuse, unlicensed repairs, careless operation by individuals unauthorized by the owner of the product. Warranty does not cover consequential damage, damage or inconvenience caused by non-operation of the product. Magicshine’s liability is limited to either free repair or free replacement of warranted merchandise at Magicshine’s discretion. No credits or refunds will be issued.

At its sole discretion, Magicshine agrees to repair or replace products deemed by Magicshine lights to be defective. Magicshine reserve the right to replace a product with a like replacement that fulfills the same purpose. This replacement product may have graphics or finishing different from the original.

DO NOT return suspected defective parts directly to Magicshine or the seller. When a Magicshine product is suspected to be defective, it must be submitted into warranty inspection, either through authorized dealers or distributors. The entire product must be returned, not just the suspected defective part, shipped freight prepaid, together with the written description of the suspected failure, proof of purchase and the warranty card.

This limited warranty is in lieu of any other express or implied warranties, including implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchant-ability, or other similar standard. To the extent allowed by law, Magicshine is not responsible for any incidental, consequential, or special damages associated with a warranty claim.

This warranty only extends to residents of the United States and Canada. International customers should consult their local dealer or distributor for warranty conditions in their area. Magicshine USA is not able to receive or ship product outside of the United States and Canada; we cannot be responsible for products ordered from US dealers and shipped to another country. Service through the original seller may be available, if the local distributor is unable to assist.

For further information, please send email to service@magicshine.com

When contacting Customer Service, please have the following ready:
Your Name and Mailing Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
Product Model Name& Serial#
Description of Issue

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