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Magicshine light
I’ve used it in its DLR mode extensively, just for that extra peace of mind on grey, drizzly days. Andy Lloyd / BikeRadar

The roll-off-your-tongue MJ-906S from Magicshine is a compact yet bright light with a vast array of beam strengths and a number of beam patterns. Daytime running through to ‘burn all the retinas in a mile radius’ amounts of light (4,500 lumens) are pumped out by the two main LEDs, with backups providing daylight riding (DLR) capability.

Magicshine head unit
The head unit is small, but packs a very bright punch! Andy Lloyd / BikeRadar

One button on top lets you toggle through the modes, while the light unit itself is attached to bar and helmet alike, via a Garmin-style quarter-turn bracket. The supplied battery is charged (and also outputs, should you wish) via USB-C, and has a capacity of 10,000mAh for up to 50 hours of burn time. Battery indicator levels are present too.

Magicshine battery
The battery has a pair of Velcro straps that I’ve used to fit the unit to the top tube. Andy Lloyd / BikeRadar

However, what’s really smart is the electric bike integration. Yes, this light can be integrated in to your ebike’s power supply, so you’ll never forget to charge your light battery again (unless you count your ebike battery as your light battery). It works with Brose, Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha systems.

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