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 “Decent torch-style light with a powerful beam and an excellent mount”

———The Magicshine ALLTY 2000 is a good-quality light with a wide range of power settings and some different beam patterns too. You get reliable run time data displayed on a screen and a solid mount into the bargain.

As LEDs and batteries get more efficient, torch-style lights are increasingly dominating even at the high-lumen end of the market, and the ALLTY 2000 is one such beast. It’s a compact torch design with a metal and plastic body, a single button and an LCD screen.

2020 Magicshine ALLTY 2000 - on bars.jpg

It feels well made, and comes with an excellent mount. It uses the Garmin quarter-turn standard, so the light fits on an out-front mount. In the box you get a bar mount that uses a band tightened by a 3mm allen bolt. Mounts vary in effectiveness, and although the Magicshine one is a faff first time around it’s super-secure – something that can’t always be said of the rubber straps common even on high-power lights.

2020 Magicshine ALLTY 2000 - bottom.jpg

Waterproofing is good: the USB port is well-protected on the underside of the light, and the rest of the unit is well-sealed. It’s been unusually dry round here during testing, but the ALLTY 2000 survived 15 minutes in the shower with no obvious water ingress anywhere.

2020 Magicshine ALLTY 2000 - rear.jpg

The ALLTY 2000 combines three light sources. Two CREE XM-L2 LEDs pump out most of the lumens, while the daylight running light (DRL) above is a chip-on-board LED strip. You can run either LED alongside the strip, or both together, or just the DRL strip on its own.

The two main LEDs have a different throw: one has a dimpled lens cover for a 25° spread, and the other a clear lens for a narrower, 18° spread. Here’s the flood…

Magicshine ALLTY2000 - spot LED

… and here’s the spot:

Magicshine ALLTY2000 - flood LED

It’s very bright : bright enough for riding at any speed on dark lanes. The quality of the beam is good and the DRL strip gives a bit of close illumination to augment the longer throw of the CREE LEDs. Magicshine says it’s ‘ideal for both road and mountain,’ but in reality it’s probably a better off-road beam than a road one.

2020 Magicshine ALLTY 2000 - front.jpg

The ALLTY 2000’s screen is simple and functional: it shows battery charge as a percentage when you switch modes, and then switches to run time after a few seconds. I found the run time estimations reasonably accurate, and it’s useful on a longer ride to know what’s left in the tank over and above a simple green-amber-red button.

The ALLTY 2000 isn’t an especially big light, and capacity is 3,500mAh from the removable 7.2v battery pack. On full beam the Magicshine has enough juice to run for just over an hour; you can extend that by carrying a spare.

2020 Magicshine ALLTY 2000 - battery.jpg

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