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Hello everyone!!! With this review we will see the Magicshine Allty 1000 : a small and powerful bicycle flashlight with integrated 21700 4000mAh battery.

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Packaging and content
The Magicshine Allty 1000 comes in a small transparent plastic blister. On the back are all the main features of the product. The package includes:
• The Light “Allty 1000”
• Handlebar holder (compatible with Garmin attachments)
• Built-in 4000mAh battery
• Micro-USB charging cable
• 3mm hex wrench
• 3x straps of different lengths adaptable to any bicycle tube from 28.5 to 36.5mm

Main features
• Uses two independent lighting sources
• Main XP-L V6 LED with a maximum output of 1000 lumens and an exit angle of 21 degrees
• Auxiliary system DRL (Daytime Running Light): constant 25lumen for about 30 hours
• 3 normal modes and two flash modes
• Power supply with 21700 4000mAh integrated battery
• Handlebar support compatible with Garmin devices
• Dimensions: 96 x 30 x 37 mm
• Waterproof IPX7
• Weight 132g
• Impact resistant up to 2m in height
• Maximum light intensity 26000cd with a throw of 320m
• Integrated charging system via micro-USB for fast and safe charging.
• Electronic switch with LED backlight
• Body in anti-scratch anodised aluminum
• High efficiency circuit for a constant current supply
• Rubber switch, user-friendly interface for output management.
• TIR lens for the main and frosted LED for the DLR system

Output levels and Runtime
The Magicshine Allty 1000 has 3 normal brightness levels for the main LED + 1 level for the DRL + 2 Special levels (Strobe) divided as follows:
• High: 1000lm (measured 1020lm) – 1h50 min
• Med: 450 lm (measured 440lm) – 8h69min
• Low: 250 lm (measured 250lm) – 4h
• DRL: 25 lm (measured 25lm) – 12h30min
• Strobo1: 1000 lm (measured 1020lm) – 3h
• Strobo2: 500 lm (measured 440lm) – 7h10min

Following the runtime curve on the “High” Level

User Interface
The User Interface is very simple and easy to remember. Thanks to the rubber switch located above it is possible to cycle the various outputs, access the special levels and use the auxiliary Daytime Running Light system.

Switching On / Off and Selecting Level: To switch the torch on or off, simply hold the switch for at least 1 second: it will enter DRL mode. With the torch turned on, each click will allow you to go to the next level in the order Low-Mid-High. The DRL system will always be active when the torch is on. To turn off the torch just hold the switch for about 1 second.

Access to special levels: with torch lit, press the button two consecutive times quickly to access the first Stroboscopic level. With another click you will go to the next special level.

Inside the Magicshine Allty 1000 has a non-removable 21700 4000mAh battery. Charging via total micro-USB takes about 3-4 hours but this time depends mainly on the charger used.

The body and the materials
The Magicshine Allty1000 is a light and compact torch born to be used on the handlebars of a bicycle. Alternatively, with special accessories that can be purchased separately, it can also be mounted on a helmet.

It is equipped with a main XP-L V6 LED in Cool White version capable of delivering 1000 lumens to the turbo. In addition there is also the so-called Daytime Running Light (DRL), which is a system composed of a series of micro-LEDs (12 in total) able to provide a constant light of 25lumen totally diffused and with Neutral White color. The DRL is useful as a locator and to be detected in the dark without the risk of dazzling those traveling in the opposite direction to ours.

The XP-L led lens is TIR for a well focused beam with an opening angle of about 21 degrees, whereas the DRL lens is frosted for a totally diffused light, without any spots and well spread in space.

The body of the Allty 1000 is composed of an aluminum alloy part at the top, ideal for excellent heat dissipation and a plastic part at the bottom.
At the top there is an electronic rubber switch. This is quite protruding and requires fairly good pressure for activation. It offers excellent feedback and good grip to the touch.

Beautiful backlight placed under the switch that illuminates green and red provides information about the remaining charge of the cell:
• Green, charge between 30-100% or “full charged” (during top-up operations)
• Red, charge between 10-30% or “charging” (during recharging operations)
• Flashing red, charge <10%

Anodizing is perfect, smooth and opaque. There are no dissipation fins. During use I did not find any excessive overheating, the ventilation during the walk is sufficient to cool the torch effectively.

Near the head there is a micro-USB charging port that is well protected by a small rubber cap that guarantees perfect waterproofing.

In the bottom is the hooking system that allows to connect the torch to the handlebar support.

The mount is made of plastic and very easy to install. Included are a series of accessory belts of different lengths for maximum compatibility with different diameters. The blocking of the support is done simply by screwing, with the appropriate wrench provided, a steel bolt that pulls the straps and fixes them around the handlebar.

The straps have a small rubberized layer that guarantees excellent grip and prevents the support from rotating or moving from its position with vibrations and the weight of the torch.

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The Magicshine Allty 1000 has two light sources: a main LED in the Cool version able to provide a well concentrated beam with a fair shot, and the DRL system with Neutral White light of 25 lumens which provides a totally diffused light useful as a locator or to illuminate in very short distances. The beam does not present any type of artifact.

The color is uniform with a slight color change on warmer colors only in the outer part of the spill.
To follow some Nightshot with the torch mounted on a bike. The levels were photographed in the following order: DRL – Low – Mid – High

Final considerations
The Allty 1000 is a quality product: quality materials, finishes with attention to detail and minimal design.

The power on the High level is adequate and effective to illuminate over long distances or if for example one proceeds at high speed. For normal driving on the road at average speed 15-30km/h the mid level is sufficient.

The runtime is excellent thanks to the presence of a high-performance 21700 built-in 4000mAh. Too bad it is not removable and replaceable, certainly it would have been a very welcome thing.

The regulation is good. The dissipation is excellent: the heat is dispersed on the body in a uniform manner.

The interface is very simple, with each click the level changes. Easy access to special levels. Precise and responsive switch with a beautiful backlight that provides information about the remaining charge of the cell.

Convenient presence of the integrated charging system via standard micro USB port.

The installation of the support is very simple, it only takes a few seconds. The coupling / release system is safe and allows the torch to be assembled / disassembled in an instant.

The tint is cool. Beautiful the DRL system with Neutral tint to use as a locator or light source for very short distances.
Valid and quality product, certainly to recommend !!!
Thanks for reading!!!

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