Seemee 60 Smart Bike Tail Light

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Seemee 60 is a bike tail light for urban and road cyclists, with optional 60 lumen brake flash. Comes with o-ring for bike and clip mount for saddlebag, backpack etc.

  • 60 lumens max, COB LED, 180 degrees wide visibility
  • Constant mode and 2 flash patterns, each mode can be set to 3 brightness levels
  • 30 lumens at max brightness setting, 60 lumens during brake flash
  • Auto sleep/wake with brake sensor on
  • 1.7 – 15 hours runtime(with brake sensor off)
  • 36 g in weight
  • USB rechargeable
  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • O-ring and clip mount

Super small and light weight red bike tail light models, Seemee 60 with Seemee 20, sleek and portable design blinker light for road and urban cyclists.

With the high powered COB red LED light source, the max output is 60 lumens, capable of 180 degrees of visibility.

3 brightness levels, a constant mode and 2 flash modes can be used in any combo, note that the high mode gives out 30 lumens, while the mid and low modes 17 and 9 lumens respectively on this bike safety light.

Built with latest vibration and motion sensor, the Seemee 60 red bike tail light detects when the rider has engaged in a sudden stop motion to increase its output to 60 lumens in a frenzy of flashes, warning all fellow travelers and motorists within a 180 degree viewing angle. This light pattern will be bright enough to warrant attention but not enough to cause temporary blindness which is just as likely to cause accidents. With the same sensors, the tail light enters into a sleep mode to save power after one minute of inaction. Any movement will immediately re-activate the unit.

Installation and removal of the blinker light is super quick and easy, rotate 90 degrees to install and rotate 90 degrees back to remove, that’s it! Micro-USB charging port is built into the back side of the red bike tail light with water resistant silicone port cover. Seamless integration of the red lens and aluminum alloy plate framing gives the Seemee 60 an IPX 6 rating.

Seemee 60 comes with mounting setups for both the round and Aero seat posts, as well as a multi-purpose mounting clip that will turn this red bike tail light into a signal / safety light that can be clipped onto your backpack, helmet strap, saddlebag, even shirt collar.

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bike tail light


Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Max power




Power modes and runtime

High: 30lm 1.7hrs
Mid: 17lm 3.2hrs
Low: 9lm 5.5hrs

Flash 1:
High: 30lm 3hrs
Mid: 17lm 5.5hrs
Low: 9lm 11.5hrs

Flash 2:
High: 30lm 3hrs
Mid: 17lm 5hrs
Low: 9lm 15hrs


3.7V 500mAh 702631P non-replaceable

Operation temperature

-20 to 40 C

Light spread

180 degrees



Waterproof rating


Net Weight


Charging power

Max 2.5W (5V/1A)

What's in the box

Box Contents

1* USB cable
1* Silicone ring
1* User manual
1* Warranty card

16 reviews for Seemee 60 Smart Bike Tail Light

  1. b-dazzle

    These are amazingly bright led lights! I was blown away of the fact that at only 30 lumens, they are still super bright. I really like the brake feature which outputs stunning bright 60 lumens and you can be seen immediately if cars are behind you. I attached this light on my helmet and love the way it looks. Definitely recommend it.

  2. John Mika

    Excellent light, very bright, battery last long time.

  3. Dana

    Great light, very bright, auto start/stop and brightens when I am stopping…and it works in the daytime which is when I ride! Well designed and constructed.

  4. Victor Manuel Rendón Valdés

    Works perfect!

  5. chk

    It works very well. Auto off when bike is at rest. Goes back on when bike starts to move again. Very bright at high power. When sut off would like it to go back on where it was last used – both brightness and blink pattern

  6. Josh Berry

    Nice little tail light for my bike.

    I use the clip that lets me attach this to the bags I put on the back of my bike. It is nice because it twists off in either direction. So, no worrying about accidentally breaking it by twisting it the wrong way.

    The brightness is nice. I think I’ve seen brighter, but it is the brightest I have splurged on, so far. I don’t travel in isolated roads and usually have a bike lane, so I wasn’t too concerned with the brightness, just didn’t want to be invisible. The charger being standard USB seems to be just flat out be standard nowadays. Which is nice. Just charge it when I’m working so it is ready to take me home.

  7. Brad Wetnight

    I wanted to add some more visibility to my bike for the commute to work. This is perfect and the flashing while slowing works perfectly.

  8. Sheryl L. Katz

    This tail light is good enough for me to be seen at night when riding my bike. It is easy to mount and is quite bright.

  9. Dale Dellinger

    I like this tail light. It recharges easily with the included micro USB cable, and there is one switch to turn it on. I like that you can take the light off the bike and leave the mount on the bike, or you easily take the whole thing off without any tools. Ride safe. Be visible.

  10. Anthony Little

    Used on my road bike am very happy with my first impression of this lite lowest setting is all you need to be seen day or night.

  11. Brojo Pasai

    A little pricey but amazingly bright. Covers any bike laws for night riding. Visible from a good distance. The brake light flare feature is quite nice. With how many bicyclists and pedestrians were injured and killed within the last three years, anything to keep you visible is good to have. It is also a requirement for riding when it gets dark.

  12. Rodolfo

    Very bright. Worth the money

  13. roysteve-619

    Excellent item! Keep me seen in the long way.

  14. HogWild

    It is light, compact and very bright. Magicshine makes very high-quality products. So far I’m very happy with this light and definitely recommend it.

  15. Amazon Customer

    This is an awesome tail light. People ask me about it all the time. They can’t believe how bright and how small it is. It has multiple settings and is very easy to use. I highly recommended

  16. Matt Armfield

    Just stop reading the reviews and buy this tail light. You will thank me later. Great battery life with 180 day warranty on the battery and 1 year on the housing. Accepts the widely used twist mounts and just works. Want to be seen? Crank this baby up to high mode. Works very well and looks great on the bike.

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