Seemee 20 Bike Tail Light

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Super small and lightweight, ice cubed sized bike taillight designed for urban and casual cyclists.

  • 20 lumens max, COB LED, 180 degrees visibility
  • Constant mode with 3 brightness settings, and 2 flash patterns
  • 1.4 – 21.7 hours runtime
  • Slanted mount base for horizontal beam
  • 17g in weight
  • USB rechargeable
  • IPX5 waterproof rating
  • O-ring mount


Magicshine’s bike tail lights, Seemee 20 and Seemee  60,  super small, sleek and lightweight design bike safety light for road and urban cyclists. small bike tail light

Seemee 20 is equipeed with high powered COB red LED light source producing a max output of 20 lumens, capable of 180 degrees of visibility. 3 brightness modes with a constant and 2 flash modes gives out just enough visibility on the road or among busy city street for other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists without being too bright. Micro USB plug under its waterproof silicone port cover allows the bike safety light to be charged almost anywhere. Built in Lithium battery on Seemee 20 provides runtimes of 1.5 to 21.5 hours depending on lighting mode and intensity.

The mounting base for the Seemee 20 bike safety light has a degree of slant so when installed, the lumens points straight backwards. Power button is built to the center of the unit and very accessible with winter gloves. The light itself is attached to the seatpost via silicon o-ring and is very easy to put on/take off after each ride. Seemee 20 also weighs only 17g, the utility to weight ratio is hard to beat. small bike tail light

For higher powered members of the Seemee family check out Seemee 60, 100, 180 and 200.

Seemee 20

Seemee 20

Seemee 20

Seemee 20 bike safety lightSeemee 20 small bike tail light small bike tail light small bike tail light

Please take note while attempting to recharge the Seemee 20:

small bike tail light

1. Pull the silicone cover lid all the way out. Seemee 20

For better waterproofing, the silicone port cover is thick and anchored by very elastic bands. This lid is likely to get in the way of the USB cable.

2.  Hold the cover lid onto the mount base

Hold the lid down on the base of the mount with your thumb. If the silicone port cover is in the way, the USB plug will not be able to make full contact.

3. Plug in USB

Plug in the USB cable fully, red light will come on and glow rhythmically indicating it is being charged.

small bike tail light

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Max power




Power modes and runtime

High: 20lm 1.4hrs
Mid: 10lm 2.7hrs
Low: 4lm 7hrs

Flash 1:
High: 20lm 2.7hrs
Mid: 10lm 5.3hrs
Low: 4lm 13.1hrs

Flash 2:
High: 20lm 4.3hrs
Mid: 10lm 8.6hrs
Low: 4lm 21.7hrs


3.7V 240mAh non-replaceable

Operation temperature

-20 to 40 C

Light spread

180 degrees



Waterproof rating


Net weight


Charging power

Max 1W (5V/1A)


What's in the box

Box Contents


1* USB cable

1* Silicone ring

1* Use manual

1* Warranty card

20 reviews for Seemee 20 Bike Tail Light

  1. Nick Boyce

    Strong, small, great installation setup and last a long time. The only thing I didn’t like was the difficulty of fitting the charger with the cap getting in the way. But for $15 this is a great buy. Highly recommended.

  2. LowKeysGuy

    Already had a few red tail lights but such a great brand that I wanted to give it a try… Now this is the main one I am gonna use… Very bright, long charge life, easy to use, etc… Just wish there was a way clip it to my shorts, helmet, or basket because it’s kinda blocked by the tire or basket (unfortunately necessary) when strapped to the frame; then again I can figure a way to make this work

  3. Dan

    Fast shipping, came with light and o-ring. The mounting base is built into the light at an angle so when installed the light is slanted upwards and not pointing to your back tire. It fits perfectly well as the o-ring is very elastic and has 2 clips. It says 20 lumens and I don’t know how these thing are measured but it’s definitely enough if not more than I need. I use the middle brightness on one of the flash modes, only needed to charge it once every few days.

  4. Tracy (verified owner)

    Very nice and nifty, the LEDs form a ring around the on/off switch, I can’t believe its only 20 lumens cuz the the thing is bright, maybe cuz I expected less from a 15 dollar light. two flash modes and a constant, dont see why it wouldnt do well on the road.

  5. OinkyTing (verified owner)

    I use it for city commutes and went through so many tail lights over the years, most starts well but just falls apart, or some that are just pointlessly bright, which to me is just stupid to have. We are trying to avoid accidents aren’t we? Figured I’d get one from a notable brand this time. This light does the job well, it’s small, just bright enough, 2 flash modes and a constant and seem to last a long time on a single charge. Price is very budget friendly too. I’d recommend it to anyone that ride bikes in city traffic.

  6. Mario Fernando Uribe

    La mejor. Excelente alternativa, versátil, ligera y fácil de instalar.


    Light works great. Cannot beat it for the price. Mounts real good and easy to use.

  8. -LMC-

    Good Quality, Small and super bright red light.
    Just what i wanted. As my other Magicshine light. Goood Quality

  9. DR

    2nd review

    Incredible customer service from Magic Shine. I had an issue with the unit, and they went out of their way to replace it, even though they did not have to. I’ll never buy a light from anyone else.

  10. DL

    It’s exactly as I expected. Love it!

  11. Brojo Pasai

    Easy to install and bright. With how many bicyclists and pedestrians were injured and killed within the last three years, anything to keep you visible is good to have. It is also a requirement for riding when it gets dark.

  12. Victor gonzalez

    Love it

  13. Freddie Dean Cox

    Awesome little light. It’s smaller than you think and brighter than you think too.
    BUT a note To people who have trouble. You really need to use the included cable and make sure to push it all the way in, then you’ll see the charge indicator light. If the cables comes out easily then it’s not all the way in. ….that’s what she said. Lol

  14. Thomas

    Great utilization of led technology. Small compact unit with huge performance. Highly recommend. Btw, be mindful of brightness for you may interfere with drivers behind you. You may want to select lower brightness while using. Fit perfect on rear facing seatpost. Great battery life. Well built.

  15. StrGlide06 (verified owner)

    I needed a simple tail light for my bike. I don’t ride on the street often at night so I needed something basic. Since I already have MagicShine lights for other applications that exceeded my expectations, I thought I would give the SeeMee 20 a try. WOW! am I impressed. If this is only 20 lumens, I just can’t believe it. On low, it is plenty bright enough for suburban streets. I’m sur that the high mode is bright enough for city use. It charges fast, is simple to install and one big central button operates all the modes. I can’t ask for anything more. In fact, I think it’s undervalued. But that’s MagicShine for you. Under promising and over delivering. A fantastic light!

  16. Eric F. (verified owner)

    Very nice!

  17. Bender Fam (verified owner)

    This light checks all the boxes of my recent search criteria for a taillight; small/low profile, USB chargeable, and inexpensive. I bought this to use on my weekly 2 hour group ride, so I didn’t need a huge battery capacity. I love the aesthetic of the unit. With headlights now being hundreds to thousands of lumens, 20 doesn’t sound like a lot, but for most tail light applications aside from dense urban settings in daylight, it suffices just fine, and honestly surprised me.

    For the money I can’t dock this thing any stars, but I would have liked if the unit had a mode memory so that when you turn it on, it starts in the mode you last used it in (there are three modes, each mode having three brightness levels).

    One thing to note; I had trouble getting the rubber strap into its hook when first installing the light on my seatpost. Looking at it again, I realized one side of the light is meant for the rubber strap to stay in, the other to be easier to install and uninstall, and I was doing it backwards, so just be mindful.

    Great light!

  18. soo l. (verified owner)


  19. JdoubleH

    Compact, nice and bright, simple to use, good assortment of modes, great price, love that it recharges via USB rather than having to burn through CR2032s. Only shortcoming might be that it doesn’t have an optional clip mount for attaching to a bag, but it’s just fine on my seat post. Oh and it looks good too.

  20. Amazon Customer

    It is light, compact and very bright. So far I’m very happy with this light and definitely recommend it.

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