Monteer 6500S Zeus MTB Headlight Remote Version

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This is the updated MONTEER 6500S ZEUS Remote Version. You can control this night beast with one small and flexible wireless remote.  Let’s discover the exciting night adventures and sweep the darkness with MONTEER 6500S ZEUS V2.0 in cycling, skiing and varies outdoor activities.

Battery:7.2V 10000mAh
Charging Time:2.5-3 Hours
Charging:USB-C fast charging and discharging
Waterproof:IPX 5
Runtime:2 – 40 Hours
Remote Included : One click to reach the max light output.

Latest Magicshine mountain bike light, the Monteer 6500s Zeus is MTB specific headlight designed for the most serious mountain biking enthusiasts, downhill racers and those who want nothing less than professional grade lighting system that can outshine the landing light on a passenger airliner.

A max actual output of 6500 lumens is cranked out by 3x CREE XHP 50.2 and 2x XM-L2 LEDs. Like the Eagle series headlights, Monteer 6500s Zeus is designed with multiple beam patterns modes, the XHP50.2 will put out a max of 5000 lumens of flood light, while the bottom row of XM-L2s shoots into the distance with up to 1500 lumens.

Four cell battery pack uses super high capacity 18650 cells for a 10000 mAh total. 100% 50% 25% and 10% are offered 4 constants with 1 flash mode, all usable on each of the spot, flood and combo beam patterns. Burn time ranges from 1.2H to 82H depending on modes. To maximize heat dissipating potential, light housing has been redesigned with hard anodized aluminum which covers almost the entire light body. Please note Magicshine mountain bike light Monteer 6500s is designed for downhill descent at moderate to high speeds, some throttling may occur if airflow is inadequate or ambient temperature is high.

Please also check out other models in the Magicshine Monteer line: Monteer 3500, 5000 and 8000.

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Media Reviews on Monteer 6500s by Michael Welch,Singletracks——

“A beast of a light, fantastic beam pattern that illuminates even further down the trail.”

“Magicshine’s newly released Monteer 6500s is a beast of a light. I’ve historically taken lumen claims from this company with a healthy grain of salt, but the Monteer may very well be 6500 lumens. Besides being insanely bright, the light comes with a quick-release handlebar mount that uses the same insert-and-turn system as some Garmin devices. It was the only mount that required a Hex key to attach, but once you put in on it won’t budge no matter how rough the trails get.

The Monteer MTB headlight has five LEDs, and three provide a flood light while the other two throw a spotlight further down the trail. You can choose to run the light in spot mode, flood mode, or both, and each setting has four different brightness levels. With all five LEDs burning on high, you’ll see everything in front of you for up to an hour and a half. On the lowest setting, you’ll get 650 lumens of output and a runtime approaching 15 hours.”




Media Reviews on Magicshine mountain bike light Monteer 6500s by Das Mountainbike Magzin—

“In Sachen Lichtausbeute steht die Magicshine der Lupine kaum nach. Auch sie leuchtet sehr weit und bildet einen breiten Lichtkegel. Ohne den extrem hellen Spot in der Mitte vor dem Fahrer fällt die Ausleuchtung etwas homogener aus, als bei der Alpha.”

“In terms of luminous performance, there are barely any difference between Magicshine and Lupine. The light shines very far and forms a well rounded cone of light. Without causing any visual hotspots for the rider. The beam pattern is somewhat more homogeneous than the Lupine Alpha.”


Weight 34.56 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5.2 × 3.5 in


Power modes and runtime

Hybrid Beam
100% 6500lm 1.5 – 2hrs
50% 3600lm 2.8 – 4hrs
25% 1900lm 6 – 7.5hrs
10% 900lm 14 – 16hrs
Flash 0~2000lm 8hrs

Flood Beam
100% 4000lm 3hrs
50% 2200lm 7hrs
25% 1100lm 13hrs
10% 500lm 27hrs
Flash 0~1100lm 14hrs

Spot Beam
100% 2600lm 5hrs
50% 1300lm 11hrs
25% 700lm 20hrs
10% 300lm 40hrs
Flash 0~650lm 18hrs

Beam spread

30° +20°

Max beam distance


Light Intensity



10,000mAh USB Type-C

Charging power and time

9 hrs (5V/2A)
max 18W (9V/2A PD3.0/QC3.0)

IP rating




Net weight

Lighthead: 150.4g
Battery: 367g

Tech Specs

Length: 2.83 in/ 72mm
Width: 1.65 in / 42mm
Height: 1.73 in / 44mm
Weight: 5.08 oz/ 144g (NOT Including battery)

15.20 oz/ 431g (Including battery)
4 X 21700 Li-ion battery 7.2v 10,000mAh (Included)

Video Instruction

What's in the box

Box Contents

1* MONTEER 6500S V2.0
1* Remote Control
1* MJ-6118 battery pack
1* Aluminum handlebar mount
1* USB-C cable
1* 3mm hex
1* User Manual


36 reviews for Monteer 6500S Zeus MTB Headlight Remote Version

  1. Fatal1ty

    My new favorite light.

    It lasted for my whole ride and was above 50% battery.
    The mount is EXCELLENT! It’s tough, stable and it won’t be sliding loose when you need it most. I love the mount as much as the light itself. AWESOME design no kidding!
    It outshines any previous light I had before with a wider beam and enough run time to carry a single battery.
    After the first use at least 4 of my friends wanted one. Price is a little intimidating but It’s what I need to be able to ride after work safely.
    Good one Magicshine.

  2. Big John T

    The magicshine is the best bike lamp money can buy.

    best light I have ever used. I was running the light on the 2nd setting and cars were flashing me their high beams,

    so I had to turn it down to the lowest setting. For bright light, looks great, easy to mount the battery and the

    light on the handle bars.

  3. Kit

    This is better than ALL of the high-priced lights that I’ve owned from Lupine, Light and Motion, and Gloworm. I don’t even need to use my helmet light anymore.

  4. andrew Marquez

    I have waited over a week to give my review, testing this on my trike and at my patio during rainy times, I left it on over night because I fell asleep waiting for it to die . VERY bright easy to use and ruggedly built.

  5. Michael A Evans

    Much improved mounting system from Magicshine that older units. This is my 9th Magicshine headlight set.

  6. Tyler P Bussmann

    This is the best light you can buy.

  7. Gina O’Neal

    I bought this for my husband who is an avid mountain bike/trail rider. He likes to adventure late at night because there’s no one else on the trail. I always worry he’s going to ride off a cliff. He is in LOVE with this light. He wears it on his helmet and although he was concerned an hour and a half wouldn’t be long enough at 100% capacity, it turns out he only needs 25%, which lasts over 4 hours. It is so bright that he keeps it very low when oncoming cars approach on his way to or from the trail. I can see him coming home from far away. I highly recommend.

  8. Sctrben

    It’s secure to the bike and insanely lights up the trail ahaid without requiring the brightest setting allowing you to preserve battery life.

  9. Cori Araza

    Bought this light for a race and it did not disappoint. It is light, sturdy and way too bright at the highest setting. I used one setting down along with a helmet light and it was more than enough. The battery was fine and held the charge. No issues with it. It received a lot of inquiries from other riders – I guess it is not too popular due to it’s price but it is a high end light.

  10. manuel posadas

    Great light, Lights up trail.

  11. Brett

    I had no idea what 6500 lumens actually looked like until I bought this. But, to put this in perspective, an OEM car headlight is 1300 lumens, or 2600 for both sides. So, this thing is as bright as 2.5 cars. Go figure. You really have to turn it way down if there is any oncoming traffic, even a vehicle on the other side of the road. They only time for full power is on a trail in the dark. Yes, the battery is a bit heavy. Yes, the cord between the headlight and the battery is a bit of a pain. (Wrapped mine several times around the front stem). But, if you want to see potholes on the road, or rocks and cliffs on a trail in the dark, or, be seen beyond a shadow of a doubt, this like will do that for you, in spades.

  12. Brilliant

    In einem anderen Waldstück ging es mit Jumi, Alaska.Da war es schon dunkel, aber trotzdem schön hell mit unserer Lampe von magicshine😁 . Jetzt konnte ich auch mal ein Foto von unserer Neckline von 4pfotentrends machen 😊 Sie reflektiert und das Material lädt sich im hellen auf, das es im dunkeln ein bisschen leuchtet 😊 Werde ich auch nochmal ein Foto von machen 😇

  13. Kang

    This light is insane! I’ve gone through 4 or 5 lights, but this light is truly the 6,500 lumens it claims to be in my opinion. It lights up the road like a car with the high beams on! Pricey for sure … but you get what you pay for, so if you want and need to see where you are going in the dark, this light will Not disappoint.

  14. Steven

    A little bit scaryI was able to start my ride at 5:00am this morning thanks to my new #monteer6500 #magicshine bike light. Not going to lie, it was a little bit scary out there but I love being the only one out.

  15. Gerod

    Really good light, you’ll never have a problem seeing where you’re going. Just a little to bright for my biking needs. Lit up my back yard perfectly at night though.

  16. RMUS

    Estoy muy feliz con esta luz. Es muy luminoso y ofrece muy buena visibilidad para circular por la noche.

  17. Wayne White

    This light is a tank! I’ve used this light on four night rides with a single charge and it performed beautifully each time. With the many different options for setting the light, you can gauge how long the light will last. It was expensive but hopefully this light will last many years.

  18. NATHAN

    Works as said Love it is nice and bright and long run time even on high.

  19. Lee Allen Peacock

    This light is by far the brightest one that I have ever had. I do a lot of night riding and need to see EAVRY thing out there to stay safe. Great value for the money.

  20. John

    Great light , prefect for riding trails in the woods !

  21. Clay Fawthorp (verified owner)

    Super bright light. Solid construction and long run time on the brightest setting. Great purchase.

  22. MNChris

    I’ve used it for a couple of predawn commutes and one night trail ride in the snow. I’ve previously used Niterider 900 boost lights. The Magicshine is definitely brighter, wider, and farther. In the snow I can pretty much tell you what tires the last person on the trail was riding. I also purchased the TTA Out-Front Bike Mount and that works great. My computer on top with the light upside down on the GoPro mount. This makes headlight angle adjustment easy. I never had issues riding with less light, but when I rode with someone who has a similar light, on an overnight gravel ride, I saw how much better I could see rain ruts and such. I haven’t felt the need to ride full lumens and not longer that 2.5 hours yet, but the battery has been great.

  23. Adrenaline Junky

    The first order came with a defective cable to the battery, so I couldn’t charge up the battery to start using. But upon my contact, they were prompt to get back to me and replaced with new parts, which has been working fine so far (a couple of disconnect but managed to reconnect). Quite powerful for night rides and different modes are great. Bought another one to fit on my hubby’s MTB and so far so good. Been using for about a month.

  24. Ross Ireland

    This light is amazing it really brightens up the trail and has a really wide field of vision. The Garmin-style mount is rock solid. I have to mount the battery pack on the top of my top tube due to the frame design and it doesn’t move at all. A really blinding product for the price and excellent customer service.

  25. Gregory

    This has been a light I’ve been wanting to get for a long time now and I love it more than the 5000 lumen light. More practical and secure even with the battery (kinda wish you can sell the batteries separately in case the batteries experience any faults). Overall I love the light and I know for sure it’ll light up the night on my bike rides.

  26. Andrew Marquez

    Worth the price I have waited over a week to give my review, testing this on my trike and at my patio during rainy times, I left it on overnight because I fell asleep waiting for it to die. VERY bright easy to use and ruggedly built.

  27. Fatal1ty

    My new favorite light. It lasted for my whole ride and was above 50% battery. The mount is EXCELLENT! It’s tough, stable and it won’t be sliding loose when you need it most. I love the mount as much as the light itself. AWESOME design no kidding! It outshines any previous light I had before with a wider beam and enough run time to carry a single battery. After the first use at least 4 of my friends wanted one. Price is a little intimidating but It’s what I need to be able to ride after work safely. Good one Magicshine.

  28. Ricky Romero

    It is exactly what I hoped it would be. I actually placed a second order and now own three of these. Good product, good value.

  29. Carlos J. Z

    The team at Magicshine were quick to help me with my fault cable and were kind enough to send an extra in case it was to ever happen again. That’s what I call customer service. Light is amazing definitely buy it if you’re in the market for one


    Everything about this Bikelight is exceptionally awesome. The mounting bracket is awesome mainly because it comes in various sizes to fit your handlebar perfectly. The brightness of the light is phenomenal I don’t even go at full brightness on the roads but managed to keep a decent brightness that’s on par with other vehicles. Though I’ll only go at full brightness for rural places.Theft Avoidance Advice!!! Take whatever is detachable for this light with you just in case no one steals it, including the battery.

  31. RKDAD

    This little light is amazing. If you’re into night riding then this is the light you need. On the lowest setting, it is still brighter than any of the headlamps we have now. You do only get around 3 hrs on high setting, 24+ on low.

  32. lgrabiak (verified owner)

    It’s true – ‘you get what you pay for’. This light is well worth the money. I’m a road cyclist not a mountain biker. I ride a lot at night, for long distances. Needed a light – dependable, long lasting, wide beam, and secure. Why a mountain bike light? Becasue this has it all. In the middle of the night, traffic is not the issue…being able to see ‘critters’ is of utmost importance…they’re ‘made’ not to be seen. This light sees ’em. The saying “it’s a no brainer” is true. Purchase this light for road and/or mountain cycling. Oh, and the bonus – the alloy mount is absolutely solid and Garmin compatible, therefore, one of the best Garmin mounts on the market.

  33. RL-ONE

    Abundant brightness especially in the late-night hours.


    Easy to install, ultra adjustable light pattern. Quality build. The battery lasts forever. 4 hours on the highest setting.

  35. Rafal Alasa

    The lamp is very bright and the battery lasts long hours – in line with the technical specs advertised. It has several modes (spot with 2 LEDs, flood with 3 LEDs, or spot+flood with all 5 LEDs), but for most of the applications using either spot or flood alone is sufficient and allows for longer use on a single charge. Now, a word of caution – while the lamp is very robust and waterproof when mounted in a normal way, it proved not so waterproof when mounted upside down with an optional mount adapter (upside-down on a quarter-lock mount underneath a normally mounted navi device).

  36. Chasen

    Best light ever! It literally is a beam of light I’ve tried so many and 99% are just weak and you can only see feet in front of you. With me riding upwards to 65 mph on my electric scooter I need a light that lets me see a good 20 + yards ahead to avoid and obstacles coming my way and this light does that and the only one on Amazon that does and I’ve tried dozens of headlights!

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