MOH 25 | 500 Lumen Headlamp

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Magicshine MOH 25 all purpose headlamp for general outdoor activities including hiking, camping, mountaineering,  as well as running, skiing, cycling etc.

  • Main white light, 5 power modes 5 – 500 lumens, cold white
  • 80m max beam distance, 1600CD beam intensity
  • Secondary red light, 5 – 105 lumens, flash and SOS modes
  • 16340, CR123A, AA alkaline and AA Niamh battery types supported
  • 2.54 oz in weight (battery included)
  • Adjustable headband with sweat block and rear reflective paint stripes
  • IPX8 waterproof, functional under 6 ft of water for up to 30 minutes

MOH 15 & MOH 25 are Magicshine’s latest all purpose IPX8 headlamp ideal for general outdoor activities like camping, hiking, mountaineering as well as sports like mountain climbing, running and cycling.

MOH 25 is equipped with both a 500 lumen max white LED and a 105 lumen max red LED. The main light CREE XP-G3 is backed by a constant current circuit, the beam will be strong and consistent with no flickers, adjustable between 4 brightness modes from 5, 50, 240 to brightest at 500 lumens of cold white light. Max beam distance is 80 meters(about 240 ft.)  Red light is a single CREE XP-E with 5/105 lumen constant modes, a 5 lumen warning flash mode and a 5 lumen SOS flash mode.

The LEDs are encased within a CNC machined high durability aluminum alloy housing, extremely resistant to abrasion and corrosion. With a fully integrated design and solid build quality, MOH 25 as a IPX8 headlamp is able to retain full functions while working under 6 ft of water for up to 30 minutes.

Compatible with 14500, CR123A, AA Alkaline and AA Niamh batteries. Included default battery is 1x 14500 800mAh Li-ion cell, able to last 1.5 hours on the main white light under max brightness and up to 45 hours on the low power mode. Max runtime for red light is up to 23 hours under low power constant mode and one hour under 105 lumen max brightness mode. CR123A cell will allow MOH 25 to function under -40 Celsius freezing environment.

Reflective headband is made of very sturdy and light weight material, adjustable, very stretchy and comfortable to wear, built in sweat blocker and the light’s low body weight also help to keep the headlamp from sliding during rigorous exercises. Reflective paint stripes on the back help to enhance night time passive visibility for the wearer when used as a night time jogging, running light.

ipx8 headlampIPX8 headlampIPX8 headlamp IPX8 headlamp Magicshine MOH15 & MOH25 HeadlampIPX8 headlamp


Weight 7 oz

Main(white): CREE XP-G3
Secondary(Red:) CREE XP-E

Beam intensity

1600 cd

Max beam distance

80 meters (240ft)

Main light temperature

Cold White

Main light power modes and runtime

Low: 5lm 45hrs
Mid: 50lm 5hrs
High: 240lm 2hrs 30min
Turbo: 500lm 1hr 30min

Red light power modes and runtime

Low: 5lm 23hrs
High: 105lm 1hr
Flash: 5lm
SOS: 5lm

Compatible battery types

AA Niamh
AA Alkaline

Waterproof rating


Net weight

72g (2.54oz)

Charging power

Max 2.5W (5V/1A)



What are included

1* MOH25
1* 14500 li-ion battery
1* Headlamp strap
1* Spare O-ring
1* Micro USB cable
1* Manual

3 reviews for MOH 25 | 500 Lumen Headlamp

  1. Daria Kontceus

    Very, very comfortable, lightweight, multifunctional and secure.

  2. Sam. F

    I have to say that I used the Headlamp on a Friday night operation game mounted on my vest and it was super helpful that it also had the red led!

  3. Joz

    Got this light to use as a neck lanyard light for night training and hunting. Wasn’t expecting this thing to be so damn nice. You may actually be getting those 500lumens that they advertise, which most of these aftermarket kind of companys don’t quite get right. The switchology is mehhh. I’d prefer separate switches or a manual turboing/clicking type switch but the button does work well so far. It feels, overall ,pretty damn robust. I dig this little light. I’m kind of a gear snob and wanted a Surefire, but I’m gunna stick with this guy cuz I dig it.

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