Seemee 30TL Bike Tail Light

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Seemee 30 is a small and light weight bike tail light for urban cyclists, comes in a front/rear combo kit or a standalone tail light.

  • 30 lumens max, COB LED, 230 degrees wide visibility
  • Auto adjusts light mode and output depending on ambient conditions
  • Power saving flash mode triggered at 5% battery and lasts 20 min
  • Remembers the last mode used
  • Constant mode with 3 brightness settings, and 3 main flash patterns
  • 2 – 40 hours runtime
  • 24 g in weight
  • USB rechargeable (battery non-replaceable)
  • O-ring mount


Seemee 30 One of Magicshine’s 2020 new offerings and a new addition to the Seemee series. The Seemee 30 bike tail light is designed as a very small, lightweight and highly visible rear safety light for urban and road cyclists. Click here for the combo version.

The new strap light design offers more uniform, even beam, spreading over 230 degrees behind the rider with excellent side visibility. On hightest setting the bike tail light can be seen from up to half a mile away. The Seemee 30 offers 1 constant mode with 30, 15 and 7 lumens output at high, mid and low settings respectively. 3 flash settings depending on user preference. In addition to previous Magicshine tail light models Seemee 20 and Seemee 60. The Seemee 30 bike tail light offers a few more powerful features to maximize user convenience and ease of use.

Built in infrared sensor detects surrounding ambient light and adjust the output automatically to either day or night mode. When remaining battery capacity drops to 5%, low power flash mode triggers, and is expected to last 20 minutes. This Magicshine tail light is also IPX6 weatherproof and USB rechargeable.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Max power




Power modes and runtime

High: 30lm 2 hrs
Mid: 15lm 4 hrs
Low: 7lm 9.5 hrs

Flash 1: 5.5 hrs
Flash 2: 4.5 hrs
Flash 3: 40 hrs


3.7V 3300mAh PL10440 non-replaceable

Operation temperature

-20 to 40 C

Light spread

230 degrees



Waterproof rating


Net Weight


Max Lumen


Charging power

Max 2.5W (5V/1A)

Tech Specs

-Ambient Light Sensor
-DRL (Daytime Running Light)
-Battery: 7.2V (2*3500mAh)
-Waterproof: IPX6
-Size: 61x14x21mm
-Weight: 0.84oz (24g)


What's in the box

Box Contents

1* USB cable
1* Manual
1* Warranty card

9 reviews for Seemee 30TL Bike Tail Light

  1. Vishal Singh

    I use my bike daily for commuting to school, and have tried at least 5 different taillights. The primary reason for selecting Seemee 30Tl is because magicshine has plenty of mounting adapter option which they sell separately. So if lose or break your mounting clamp like me, you can just get the missing part.

    – Good BATTERY LIFE, smart mode gives you 10 hrs of battery life that is about 100 MILES.
    – The breathe and commit mode are amazing, definitely can CATCH THE EYE of the driver who want to mow you.
    – STURDY built quality. I haven’t tested it while biking when it’s raining, but as per the specification it is WATER RESISTANT.
    – SLEEK Design, goes well with seatpost.
    – Battery Indicator is convenient

    – A bit overpriced. (But I believe it will be more economical in a long run (if it doesn’t end up being stolen), replaceable mount, sturdy, water resistant.
    – Recharging it every week can be a bit annoying, while not as bright the AAA battery operated lights lasts 2 months for me.

  2. Eli H

    This is honestly one of the best-designed lights I’ve ever seen. Not only is it compact, the design is sleek and incredibly bright. The battery life indicator is intuitive, and the full-length rubber contact patch keeps the light from moving around. The ability to alter the tightness of the strap is super useful for when I’m bikepacking and need to attach the light to my seat stay— I currently own multiple $100+ rear lights and all of them are too bulky or not designed well enough to allow for this like the Seeme30 does. Bravo Magicshine!

  3. Dave

    I just received this light and I have to say is ultra small very lightweight and is super bright. Can be seen in almost every angle. It is my first Magic’s one light but not my last.

  4. Pawel B

    Fantastic taillight, small and good looking but also very bright. High recommend.

  5. Paul O.

    Super bright. I really can’t say enough about the quality. It’s also pretty compact, I didn’t want a bulky rear light. 100% recommend.

  6. David Greenstreet

    I love this light! Works great riding in the day or night. Easily visible anytime of the day and also great to run with. I placed it on my rucksack in the mornings so it lights up my back while running. All around great light.

  7. Lisa

    Very bright red rear light with many different constant/blinking functions. Visible to cars and other cyclists.

  8. David Isaac Nielsen- Franco

    I like this a lot, the battery could last longer though.

  9. ralph douglas

    Perfect fit!

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