Seemee 200 Bike Tail Light

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Most powerful model in the Seemee bike tail light series, the Seemee 200 has a super bright main light and a secondary area light, providing optimal visibility for urban and road cyclists.

  • 200 lumens max, COB LEDs, 260 degrees wide visibility from main rear light, visible from more than 2 miles away
  • 360 degrees visibility secondary area light, forming a circle of light under the rider
  • Constant mode with 3 brightness settings, and 4 main flash patterns, 140 lumens max
  • Optional brake sensor: 200 lumen brake light for 3 seconds, also triggers sleep mode after 1 minute of inaction
  • Auto switches flash pattern under smart mode based on ambient light
  • Low power flash triggered at 5% battery and lasts 20 min
  • 2.5 – 50 hours runtime
  • 40 g in weight
  • USB rechargeable(battery non-replaceable)
  • Seat post mount and saddle rail mount(NOT Garmin compatible)
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • When the main light is constant, tracing light will flash and vice versa. The two lights can’t be set to the same pattern at the same time.

Brightest model currenty in the Seemee series Magicshine bike tail light, Seemee 200’s main light points backwards with 260 visibility from behind and a secondary tracing light that shines directly at the ground, creating a red circle that catches attention from all directions.

The main light offers 30, 70, 140 lumen output mode with its constant mode, under which the tracing light will stay in flash mode. 4 flash mode including 3 variations of the 140 lumen flashes and a 125 lumen pattern. Under the flash modes the tracing light will maintain constant mode. Like the previosu models, the Seemee 200 Magicshine bike tail light comes with smart ambient light sensor by default and automatically adjust the light mode for day and night. Note, the tracing light is off during day mode. 200 lumen brake light will be activated on brakes, sudden changes in movement pattern, this mode lasts 3 seconds and is auto disabled when remaining battery capacity drops to 5%.

Battery indicator built into the power switch, short pressing reveals the remaining battery capacity with green: 20% and above, and red: under 20%. When the battery is nearing empty at 5%, a low powered 30 lumen flash mode will be triggerd. This mode will last 20 minutes. Runtime ranges from 2.5 hours to 50 hours depending on mode, without frequent uses of the brake sensor.

Seemee 200 Magicshine bike tail light is IPX6 weatherproof and is USB rechargeable. Included are 2 mounting options, an adjustable seat post strap and a seat rail mount that hooks under the seat. The mounting mechanism is quarter turn style lock and unlock. Seemee series also comes with 60, 100, 180 and 30 lumen combo versions.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Power modes and runtime

Constant Mode:
High: 140lm 2.5hrs
Mid: 70lm 3hrs
Low: 30lm 5hrs
Flash Mode(Day/Night):
Breathe: 9/3hrs
Comet: 15/3hrs
Flash: 25/4hrs
Interactive: 20/3hrs

Operation temperature

-20 to 40 C

Light spread

260 rear light
360 tracing light



Waterproof rating


Net Weight


Charging power

Max 5W (5V/1A)

Tech Specifications

-Model: SEEMEE 200

-Lumen: 200 LMMaximum
-Runtime: 2-50 h
-Visibility: 360 °
-Distance: 3000 m
-Waterproof Rate:IPX6
-Weight:1.37 oz
-Impact Resistance: 1 m
-Dimensions: 32*28*43mm


What's in the box

Box Contents

1* SEEMEE200
1* Mounting strap
1* Saddle mount
2* Tie Band
1* Micro USB cable
1* User manual
1* Warranty card

50 reviews for Seemee 200 Bike Tail Light

  1. Bruno rodriguez

    I have been using this light now for 2 weeks. Works really well and I love the design. Installing it on the saddle rails is very convenient and looks really cool on the bike. The output is very powerful and can be seen from a long distance. Finally its 100% waterproof and I have tested this feature intensively! Will definitely recommend it.

  2. Total Geek

    At first, I wasn’t happy with the modes and I could not find the fast flash option. The folks at Magicshine were kind enough to help me out and walk me through the modes. They even sent me a little video that teaches you how it’s done. After the learning curve, I am set. I think for the price, this thing packs a lot of features. Highly recommend the product and Magicshine as a company. They were really helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again!

  3. Michelle A.

    Ride around in your own personal halo! The downward facing LED of the Magicshine Seemee 200 illuminates the ground around you and packs a number of smart features to boot.

  4. Scott B.

    I have only just received this light and used it a couple of times. It certainly seems to be effective. Comparison tests with my existing rear light show just how much brighter it is. I have yet to run the battery down to flat so not sure how long that will take. I use it at about a one second flash rate – and I really like the ability to modulate the rate of flash. This looks to be a very good product.

  5. Steven A. Meyer

    I’m shocked at how many times you can use it with just one charge. It’s easy to use clips almost anywhere and really bright. I’m very happy with this light I bought another one and would definitely recommend it to a friend

  6. Dave M.

    I’ve been using Magicshine lights for years and they have never let me down. The new Seemee 200 is my latest buy and I love it!

  7. James Williams

    I recently received this Magicshine Seemee 200 taillight after having to wait for the product to come back into stock. It was a very frustrating ordeal, but the customer service from the seller was top notch. They explain the hold up with shipping and even offered a refund or an exchange. I knew I wanted this light and glad that my patients granted it to me.

    Now let’s talk about the light! This light and features are great for all types of cyclists. The motion signal feature does its job with changing the flashing tempo based on movements. The dark mode which enables the bottom LED light to come on automatically when it detects a low level of light. The bottom LED makes you more visible to nearby cars and even other cyclists. The light comes with 2 different types of mounts and a bracket that allows it to fit on a areo seat post for bikes like mine. I’m beyond pleased with this taillight.

  8. John Valuk

    I think this is a great piece of kit. I am positively impressed by the design, performance, and apparent build quality. Time will tell how it does for long-term durability.

    The user interface may be intimidating, but it’s a natural consequence of having a lot of features controlled by one button. Once it’s set up, day-to-day use for me only involves remembering that a “long press” is used to turn it on or off, and that a “short press” can be used (when it’s off) to check the battery level.

    If you find the instructions that came with the light to be insufficient, then I recommend reaching out to Magicshine. They are very responsive, and can provide detailed written instructions that may help.

    I also own a Seemee 180 (taller and narrower than the 200), and it’s a bit of a toss-up which of the two I like better. The shorter and wider format of the 200 works in some applications where the 180 would be too tall.

  9. D.Devid Kinson

    This thing has many modes for the light. Constant red,. Easy to turn and off. VERY bright which is great for at night riding. Reasonable price and easy to install.

  10. Constantin

    200 lumens suffisent et l’angle de visibilité à 360 degrés est fantastique. C’est petit et facile. Bon travail Magicshine!

  11. Lc

    Super bright tail light! There is a ring of light around the center LED, and another light bulb that points straight down. When the main light is constant the vertical light flashes, and vice versa. Absolute steal at this price!

  12. C.G.

    I own several taillights that command a substantial premium over this unit, but only one of them is brighter.

    With the flashing combinations available, it’s next to impossible for drivers not to see you. In fact, I’d place visual notification at approximately 1/4 a mile.

    Build quality is on par with premium lights.

    I’ve used this light in the rain and it still works fine.

    The mount is very good.

    Really, the only issue I can think of with this light is battery life. Regardless of pattern, I average around 10% less than advertised life (yes, I’ve performed the battery conservation protocol).
    Even with slightly less than advertised battery life, the brightness of this taillight still makes it worth owning.

    Overall, I strongly recommend this taillight as long as you don’t ride more than 4 hours at night each ride.

    Highly recommended

    4 stars


  13. Diego Rafael Führ

    Muy buen producto. Tiene excelente Iluminación

  14. Grigori

    In my opinion, the best model I have ever had. Bright light, compact and beautiful design. The only drawback in my opinion is the weak battery. Enough for two small night trips. On the third, the battery will be discharged. It is imperative to install a battery with a large power supply. At least twice.

    • Magicshine USA

      With Seemee 100, 180 and 200 bike tail lights. Constant and most flash modes will only last 1.5 to about 3 hours. Only certain the flash patterns can last longer than that. Also having the brake sensor active on a busy road will likely run down the battery as well. For maximizing runtime on your Seemee 100, 180 and 200, please consider turning the brake sensor off and use either the Interactive or the Flash patterns.

  15. timothy j way


  16. Irv

    Nice little light. Very bright. Don’t ride at night. I am using it in conjunction with another bright tail light. The area I’m in has many visitors this time of year. The more they see me, in theory, the safer I am.

  17. Fantastic little tail light!

    So far, so good. A high quality item, easy to use, solid construction, weather seals great, endless mounting options, super-bright and love that it shines onto the ground as well. Highly recommend!

  18. Michael

    Almost too bright for the person behind you. Great visibility at night though.

  19. Jose

    Great product, super bright, will keep you safe especially during daytime. Will update my review with relevance to battery life

  20. David Hooper

    Received the product and was able to install it on my wife’s ebike. The light is bright and it has many functions; it’s very visible from all angles. Great product!

  21. Lenny

    There are many things to like about this.

    First and foremost, it is very bright. This ensures that it will be noticed even during the day. There’s a light that shines towards the back, and one that shines down on the ground, to increase your visibility.

    Next, there’s multiple modes. I mostly use the constant or flashing modes, but I’m still experimenting with it. The main problem is that I don’t know what the light is doing since I can’t see it while I’m cycling. One of these days, I’ll mount it on the front handle so that I can get a better feel of what the light does in motion sensor mode.

    There’s also the mounting options. You can mount this on the seat post, or under the seat. Both mounting hardware is included. I prefer to have it under the seat. The light itself attaches to the mounting strap by rotating and locking into position. So far it has been very secure, but I think I’ll use the zip ties (also included) to further secure it, so that if the under seat clip pops out, I won’t lose the light.

    The main disadvantage of the light is battery life. It doesn’t last very long at full brightness. And the battery indicator doesn’t have very fine granularity, showing green for 20% through 100% charge. On longer rides, I only have the light on when it’s darker so as not to run out of power.

    And I’m a bit disappointed by the fact that it has a micro USB connector instead of USB C. Not a big deal, but it sure would be nice.

    Overall, not a cheap light, but very bright, well built, and with lots of features.

    • Magicshine USA

      Hi Lenny,

      We greatly appreciate your interest in Magicshien products!

      With Seemee 100, 180 and 200 bike tail lights. Constant and most flash modes will only last 1.5 to about 3 hours. Only certain the flash patterns can last longer than that. Also having the brake sensor active on a busy road will likely run down the battery as well. For maximizing runtime on your Seemee 100, 180 and 200, please consider turning the brake sensor off and use either the Interactive or the Flash patterns.

      Please see our FAQ Page—

      Thanks for shopping with us! Happy trails!

      Best regards,

  22. Eric Gaddy

    Super bright tail light with lots of different modes. I like the ambient light sensor for day mode and night mode. The USB charger option works great and charges fairly fast. You can see this thing for miles down the road.

  23. Christopher Alvarado

    Nice light, very bright at night and can sense when you break to alert others you are stopping. Super easy to install and charge and is low profile.

  24. Jose

    great product, super bright, will keep you safe especially during daytime. Will update my review with relevance to battery life.

  25. Danny B

    Working amazing!

  26. MayadaJeffery

    If you go on 3+ hour rides, buy two. But they’re worth it if you don’t want to get hit.

  27. Eric from Phila.

    I have many rear lights and this one is the best, and far cheaper than some “name” brands

  28. juan a flores

    Best light I ever owned! Super! Super bright

  29. Outback in Idaho

    The Magicshine Seemee 200 Lumen Bike Tail Light is bright, there is no doubt about that. Initially I had a difficult time finding a way to mount this on a recumbent trike and ended up zip tying the saddle mount to the bottom of a Tern bicycle rack.
    However this Magicshine Seemee 200 seriously needs a larger battery to run at least 4 hours on automated mode. 2 hours is not enough. Past the short battery expectancy is is a very bright light.

    Had tried setting to manual modes but it keeps reverting to automatic no matter what I so. It starts to flash in a manual setting, then reverts to automatic mode. Indoors I could not do a thing with its setting, and nothing seemed to function the way the videos showed – was indoors during the winter.

    Now that the weather is getting warmer, and using a recumbent trike of therapy and bought a Wike trailer (available on Amazon) and I had a new place to run the Magicshine Seemee 200 rear light.
    Used the Saddle mount and zip tied that to the bottom of the top rail, which sets the Magicshine light protected in between the two aluminum rails. Can easily install and remove as needed.

    Had noticed when the sun as setting this Magicshine Seemee 200 came alive! Even recorded a few short rides with a camera and the light was seen quite some distance away, and appeared to emit a brake light as I slowed.

    Is difficult to review a light that you do not see. Did noticed some peculiarities when disconnecting the WIke trailer. As the hitching tongue went down on the pavement, the light pattern changed. So Magicshine’s bottom lens must be the light’s control module.

    As you can see from the photo that this light shines very well. I wonder though, if Magicshine could get back to me on this, if plugging the light into a bigger source of power if it could run longer?

    • Magicshine USA (verified owner)

      Hello, unfortunately, the Seemee line of tail lights are not able to function while being charged at the same time.

  30. marcin

    It’s really great light, replaced my previous default taillight. The only disadvantage is too small battery, If I could have seemee 200 with replace-able 18650 cell (or even builtin 3000mAh cell) that would be incredible and all night-riders would buy them immediately 🙂

    Also – I can’t find anywhere (manual, page, faq) information how exactly “smart” mode works (and what’s the difference between flash/flash mode and smart mode – because as I can see flash mode recognizes day/nigh as well – I’m also not sure if the only difference between day and night is the bottom light). For different flash modes simple graph would do I guess (like breathe /\/\/\, comet |\|\|\, flash_|_|_|_) 🙂

    • Magicshine USA

      Hi, thanks for your review, let me try to provide additional information regarding the various mode and the video link at the end probably help a bit as well!
      Double clicking the power switch will cycle the light between the 3 main modes, Steady, Flash and Smart.
      Once you are in Flash mode, single click will cycle between the Flash modes, comet/breathe etc. Under this mode the light does detect ambient conditions and shut off the secondary area light when the environment is well lit, while the strength and pattern of the main, backward facing light will not change.
      Under Smart mode however, single click does not do anything as the light switches automatically between a night mode and a day mode based on ambient conditions. Night mode offers similar beam strength as one of the flash modes under Flash setting, with secondary light active, while the day mode offers a lower strength beam without the secondary light

  31. Eric Chapman

    This is an awesome tail light. People ask me about it all the time. They can’t believe how bright and how small it is. It has multiple settings and is very easy to use. I highly recommended all Magicshine products… This one in particular.

  32. Henri

    Very nice tail light, it’s simple to use I used the saddle rail mount clips right on the saddle rails and 2 zip ties. It holds the charge very well and great for night rides in NYC

  33. Pete

    I rarely if ever bother to write a review but this is a superb light. Compact in size, extremely bright, a multitude of always on and flashing options and a stellar mounting solution directly below the saddle using the included mount.

    Compared to a recently purchased Lezyne 300 lumen light this is less expensive, has a significantly better form factor and is easier to mount.

    Superb job Magicshine. This is a winner.

  34. Corey

    PHENOMENAL LIGHT! It brightest tail light I’ve ever seen. The features are fantastic! Small and lightweight. For the money, you can’t beat it! I liked it so much I purchased a second unit to mount to the rear of my helmet. If you need a rear light, BUY THIS LIGHT!

  35. Gerard Canals

    Se la recomiendo a todos los que quieran circular con su bicicleta.

  36. Diz

    Road Bike rear light. Compact. Feels solid and well made. Adaptable / adjustable strap. Multiple light modes. Light is plenty bright and during the day as well. Battery life appropriate. I tend to turn light on during dusk time and during the day when in more traffic to reserve the battery for longer rides. Suspect a fluke with my light after a few months , but customer service quick to reply, trouble shoot and remedy situation.

  37. Corey

    Brightest tail light I’ve ever seen. The features are fantastic! Small and lightweight. For the money you can’t beat it! I liked it so much I purchased a second unit to mount to the rear of my helmet. If you need a rear light, BUY THIS LIGHT!

  38. L. Mateo

    Bought this light to use with my Apollo Ghost scooter for my commute to work. Don’t really need it yet, but will once fall comes and we go back to standard time. The light is very bright, very low profile and the external very large battery means it should last a decent amount of time (I haven’t done any real-world tests on how long it will last though). It feels really high-quality and I’m pretty happy with the purchase.

  39. Tony

    It’s super bright, packed with great features, and was really thought out well.

  40. Mark Gingell

    After seeing the seemee 200 in a mtb magazine review I knew it would match well with my monteer up front. Very bright for such a compact light and with lots of modes. Super easy to mount on your bike, and to remove with the supplied twist lock bracket. Buy, you will not be disappointed.

  41. MTB Rad Dad

    The most powerful bike tail light, the Seemee 200 has a super bright main light and a secondary area light, providing optimal visibility for urban and road cyclists.

  42. Amazon Customer

    Great product, super bright, will keep you safe especially during daytime.

  43. juan a flores

    Best light I ever owed! Super ! Super bright

  44. active.intelligence

    Ilumina bastante

  45. Kindle Customer

    Great taillight!!

  46. Ramon

    Haven’t tried it long yet, but you’ll be satisfied with its quality, looks, and functions. It works as described. Will highly recommend it.

  47. Oscar Alberto Gonzalez Vazquez

    It is a good all-rounder light that has everything I need:
    * Light sensor to detect if it is day or night (and adapt to it in the correct mode).
    * Potent light for great visibility.
    * Good battery life for the size (this thing is tiny!).
    * Lightweight, very well made.

    I love it, I combine it with another magic shine light in the front, and that’s about all I need for the daily commute.

  48. Shared

    I use this rear light when riding at night. The light shines to the rear cars can easily see you. It ALSO shines down on the ground which really makes you stand out. Very cool. There are many settings to choose from and just ONE button so everything is easy to use. I’m enjoying it and when I contacted Magicshine customer service they responded quickly and were extremely helpful.

  49. Sully

    This thing is awesome. I love the light that shines on the ground. It helps so much with visibility. Also the blinking that happens when you slow down is really nice. Only wish is for it to be usb c and a slightly larger battery. Still the best light that I have found.

  50. WH

    The idea of having a rear light on your bike is to be seen. This light is very bright, and if they can’t see you up ahead, then they shouldn’t be on the road. My wife said that because it’s so bright it might annoy drivers. Well, if it does, then I know they have seen me. Besides, my life is more important than there little moment of annoyance. The bottom flashing light brightens up the road around you, which also aids those from behind to see you.

    This is a well-thought-out light. I don’t know about battery life, as I’ve only used it the one time early this morning, but I’m sure it will be fine. For me, I’m not out riding hours at a time anyway.

    If your concern is being seen while riding, this light will not disappoint. I highly recommend it.

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