Seemee 180 Bike Tail Light

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Similar to the Seemee 100, the Seemee 180 is a powerful bike tail light for road, urban and mountain bikers, with wide angle visibility, low power flash mode and a brak sensor.

  • 180 lumens max, COB LED, 260 degrees wide visibility, visible from more than 1.5 miles away
  • Constant mode with 3 brightness settings, and 4 main flash patterns, 125 lumens max
  • Optional brake sensor: 180 lumen brake light for 3 seconds, also triggers sleep mode after 1 minute of inaction
  • Auto switches flash pattern under smart mode based on ambient light
  • Low power flash triggered at 5% battery and lasts 20 min
  • 1.5 – 18 hours runtime
  • 36 g in weight
  • USB rechargeable(battery non-replaceable)
  • Seat post mount and saddle rail mount(NOT Garmin compatible)
  • IPX6 Waterproof

Similar and higher output version of the Seemee 100, the Seemee 180 bike safety light is designed for urban, road, and commuter cyclists. bike rear light

Transparent optical fibers allows for 180 lumens of red light to to be visible from over 2 miles away at an angle of 260 degrees. The Seemee 100 offers 3 brightness modes at 125, 63, 27 lumens, and 3 flash patterns with max output at around 125 lumens. The 180 lumen output is triggered by brake flash mode.

The Seemee 180 bike rear light also come equipped with an optional brake sensor, on sudden change of speed, a constant beam of 180 lumens will be triggered offering temporarily enhanced visibility, very useful on the road or busy city streets, though for riding on gravel roads or mountain trails, this mode can be turned off to conserve power. Built in infrared sensor automaticaly dials the output to day and night mode depending on the level of ambient light detected. When power drains to around 5%, the low power economy flash mode will be triggered at 27 lumens max, this mode will help get you home and is expected to last up to 20 minutes. Max runtime for Seemee 180 bike safety light is measured to be 1.5 hours to a max of 18 hours on lowest brightnest setting. Note this is tested and measured without frequent activation of the brake sensor.

The Seemee 180 bike tail light comes with several mounting options. It uses a smaller but similar mechansim as the Garmin quarter turn mechanism. bike rear light Compatible with most seatposts, even saddlebags, helmets and backpacks. Weatherproof at IPX6 and conveniently USB rechargeable.

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Tech Specs

-Model: SEEMEE 180
-Lumen: 180 LM
-Maximum Runtime: 18 h
-Visibility: 260 °
-Distance: 3000 m
-Waterproof Rate:IPX6
-Weight:1.26oz (34g)
-Impact resistance: 1 m
-Dimensions: 27*17*73mm


What's in the box

Box Contents

1* SEEMEE180
1* Mounting strap
1* Saddle mount
2* Tie Band
1* Micro USB cable
1* User manual
1* Warranty card

8 reviews for Seemee 180 Bike Tail Light

  1. Brett

    This thing is AMAZING. It is WAAY brighter than any other light I have tried including the best lights from other well-known bike accessory companies (such as Topeak). There is no comparison. It’s not even close. If you want to be seen, buy this light.

  2. Carlos

    I’m using this light on yeti sb150 with seat rail holder.
    For its size it’s fricken bright. Holly cow it’s bright.
    I only use it coming down and have turned off on flats and ups.
    I get compliments from other riders when bombing the local Downhills

  3. The Good Doctor!

    Insanely bright! Battery lasts forever and impossible to not see!!!!! Easy to mount and move.

  4. McCarroll

    This is a good bright light that has a good solid mountings and easy removal when your ride is done. This light is very bright… maybe too bright. Possibly not a good idea to ride with a group with it on high since your will be blinding everybody behind you. Probably better for solo rides in the city, and the brake feature works great good motion sensor. When using the features that are brighter the battery life takes a hit, so might be best to not use on super long distances.

  5. Pio Nibungco Jr. (verified owner)

    It’s bright enough on days and pretty bright at night.

  6. Jose

    great product, super-bright, will keep you safe especially during daytime. Will update my review with relevance to battery life.

  7. Chris Campbell

    Crazy bright for a brake light! Good battery life as well.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Buena Calidad con Magicshine

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