Seemee 100 Bike Tail Light

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The Seemee 100 is a powerful rear safety light for road, urban and mountain bikers, with wide visibility, brake sensor and low power mode.

  • 100 lumens max, COB LED, 260 degrees wide visibility, visible from more than 1.5 miles away
  • Constant mode with 3 brightness settings, and 4 main flash patterns, 72 lumens max
  • Optional brake sensor: 100 lumen brake light for 3 seconds, also triggers sleep mode after 1 minute of inaction
  • Auto switches flash pattern under smart mode based on ambient light
  • Low power flash triggered at 5% battery and lasts 20 min
  • 1.5 – 12 hours runtime
  • 36 g in weight
  • USB rechargeable(battery non-replaceable)
  • Quarter turn seat post mount and saddle rail mount(Not Garmin compatible)
  • IPX6 Waterproof

Seemee 100 One of 2020’s new addition to the Seemee Magicshine tail light family bike rear light. The Seemee 100 rear safety light is designed for urban and road cyclists.

Transparent optical fibers spread the 100 lumens of super bright red light across an angle of 260 degrees behind the rider, visible from up to 1.5 miles away. The Seemee 100 offers 3 brightness modes at 72, 36, 18 lumens, and 4 variations of flash mode. Brightness/flash settings will be remembered for your next trip. bike rear light

Like the Seemee 60, the Seemee 100 also come equipped with an optional brake sensor, Magicshine tail light on sudden change of speed, a constant beam of 100 lumens will be triggered and sustained for 3 seconds, very useful on the road or busy city streets. Though for traveling on gravel or any type of off road trails, this mode can be optionally turned off to maximize runtime. bike rear light Built in infrared sensor automaticaly dials the output to day and night mode depending on the level of ambient light detected. Low power mode has been added as well to enhance power saving. At 5% remaining power, this bike tail light goes into an economy flash mode(18lm) and stretches the last 5% battery to last about 20 minutes. The runtime has been clocked at 1.5 hours to 12 hours without frequent triggering of the brake sensor. Seemee 100

The Seemee 100 bike tail light comes with several mounting options. It uses a smaller but similar mechansim as the Magicshine tail light Garmin quarter turn style mounts. Comaptible with most seatposts, even saddlebags, helmets and backpacks. Weatherproof at IPX6 and conveniently USB rechargeable.

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Tech Specs


-Lumen: 100 LM

 Runtime: 1.5-12H

-Visibility: 260 °

-Distance: 2000 m

-Waterproof Rate:IPX6

-Weight:1.26 oz(35.7g)

-Dimensions: 27*17*73mm


What's in the box

Box Contents

1* SEEMEE180
1* Mounting strap
1* Saddle mount
2* Tie Band
1* Micro USB cable
1* User manual
1* Warranty card

13 reviews for Seemee 100 Bike Tail Light

  1. Leroy Frederic

    Excellent produit et très bon service du vendeur. Je recommande fortement pour la sécurité cycliste.

  2. Michael

    Great Light for Your Bike! This light is great! This is very bright. The battery life is pretty decent. They have different light settings. They are very easy to take on and off with the rubber attachment piece. The lights work great and provide plenty of light at night and make you very visible to the cars. This is a nice set of light for your bike that will help keep you safe and help you enjoy some great night rides!

  3. Ryangmez

    Great little bike lights These seem like sturdy, easy to use bicycle lights. There are well made and easy to install on the bicycle. I wish they had included a diagram of how they install on the bike, but once you figure that out it was a breeze. I love that this is rechargeable, so I don’t have to mess with batteries.

  4. Annabelle Lim

    Absolutely recommended! These light is very easier to use! Super simple to attach to my bike and once they’re on, they stay on. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable choice for bicycle light.

  5. Rancher1

    Awesome, More uses than your Bike! Love this led bike light, constructed well and easy to install. Housing is a high grade rubber material so you will not have to worry if you drop them.Clip on the back with included rubber strap makes mounting easy. USB charging cords included as well for each light.This is a great value and will help keep you safe on your travels!

  6. Salva

    Que va muy bien! Es potente y los coches te quedan muy bien.

  7. Ross

    Ordered this light for my son’s bike. Install was a breeze and the look is unbeatable. Love the brake light function too. When he starts to slow, you can see the light brighten, just like in a car. Also, the install was simple and multiple different mounting types included for various applications.

  8. WOW!!!

    Wow, just wow is this a nice light. I am impressed with how bright and powerful this light is while being compact and having lots of run time.

    Overall the Magicshine Seemee 100 tail-light has been quite impressive. My favorite feature is the auto brake light, I feel that is such a huge feature. Automatically lights up as you come to a stop as well as returns to the previous mode when you begin riding again. Past that it is IPX6 waterproof, USB rechargeable with a micro USB, and has the very nice quick turn, quarter turn style mount.

  9. David A. Baer

    This Magicshine cycling tail light is a quality project that will most definitely protect you from careless drivers approaching from behind. It is very bright at maximum range of all its modes.

    And, speaking of modes, there is a wide range of them available here, to say nothing of the ‘braking’ function, something I’ve not seen before in a bike light.

    I look forward to using this product, writing this as I do on one of the shortest days of the year when a rear bike light is a necessary traveling companion when out on the bike.

  10. Luke S (verified owner)

    This is the first “smart” brake light that I’ve tried. It appears well constructed and has many different lighting modes. Finding the desired mode of operation can be a little tricky as there are a combination of short presses, long presses and double presses to get to the desired mode. It’s a little more complicated than your average tail light but then again, this is not your average light. Following the online instructions or watching the video will definitely make things easier. This light is super bright and is probably best suited for night road cycling but is bright enough to provide additional rear daytime visibility too.

    I did find the smart brake light feature a little temperamental. It will operate normally most of the time when you stop or slow down but then there were occasions when it would activate without any apparent change in motion or direction. Not sure if mine is defective but all the other functions appear to work fine. There is also a slight delay in the activation of the brake light when you put the brakes on but that would vary from about 0.5-1 second.

    The battery life appears a little shorter than most others that I have used however this is also the brightest one I have now. The USB charging is a big plus for me not having to worry about extra batteries. I usually run 2 tail lights on my bike anyway so I always have a backup for night rides. I haven’t tried any other brands of brake light yet but although this is very bright and multi-functional as a regular tail light, the braking activation still needs some development for reliable and faster functioning.

  11. Glen Shirley

    All of the Magicshine products I have purchased are great. Came with two mounts so I can use it on both of my bikes.
    I ride quite a bit after dark and this light provides a high degree of visibility!

  12. Christopher Alvarado

    Nice light, very bright at night and can sense when you break to alert others you are stopping. Super easy to install and charge.

  13. Danny

    Light Arrived In New Condition, Extremely Bright Rear Light, Seems Well Built.

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