Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2.0 Remote MTB Light

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Now you can control this world best mountain bike light MONTEER 8000S GALAXY with one small wireless remote. For epic mountain biking adventures, or extreme skiing travel, it supports all around lighting needs for handlebar and helmet use.

Lumen : 8000 (CREE XHP-50 LED )
Battery: 7.2V 10000mAh
Charging: USB-C fast charging and discharging(10-30W)
Waterproof:  IPX 5
Runtime: 1.5-32 H
Wireless Remote:  Include

About Wireless Remote Control Magicshine Monteer 8000S V2.0

MONTEER 8000S GALAXY V2.0 remote control adopts 2.4G wireless transmission technology, which supports reliable remote control within 5 meters.

A mountain bike light designed specifically for mountain biking. The hands-free, ultra-convenient wireless remote is designed in an elegant minimalist style with two control buttons, designed to further improve ease of use for off-road riders.
The controls are designed with maximum convenience in mind. Both buttons turn the main light on/off, the brightness can be cycled without flickering in between, and when the road gets rough, no matter the mode, one touch instantly activates the maximum brightness and easily returns to where you are Location.
Remote control pairing method:

Pairing your lights with M-Remote is easy.
1) Disconnect the lamp head from the battery. Magicshine Monteer 8000S v2.0
2) Press and hold both buttons at the same time to enable search mode.
3) When the light starts flashing, reconnect the light head to the battery. The main light should flash once, then
The remote control light should stop flashing, indicating successful pairing

How to do it? 
Long press either button to turn the light on/off.
Rectangular button: 1) Short press to open maximum mode, click again to return to previous mode. 2) Double click to turn on top/bottom/all LEDs.

Round buttons: 1) Short press to change brightness. 2) Double click to change the mode (steady light/fast flashing).

power and more

  • Featuring a massive 8000 lumens and five top-of-the-line CREE® LEDs
  • 32 ° sum 21 ° luminous flux angle.
  • Special custom designed multi-plane light cups.
  • Each LED can work independently, from soft light to maximum beam.
  • The MONTEER 8000S will illuminate any detail on your road, ensuring perfect lighting from near and far for all MTB and off-road riders.

Super power capacity

  • 4 latest 5000 mAh batteries with 10,000 mAh capacity Magicshine Monteer 8000S v2.0
  • USB-C PD fast charge and discharge function, its battery pack can be used as a high-end power bank to charge your device at top speed
  • Overall IPX 5 waterproof

Guaranteed high quality design

Thanks to cutting-edge thermal analysis technology, the MONTEER 8000S is able to maintain minimum size and maximum power, so riders will enjoy very light travel without worrying about extra weight. Garmin-type mount supports both handlebar and helmet attachments, and is even compatible with GoPro, computer, and mobile phone, providing riders with flexible options; Mil-spec construction, aluminum alloy shell, built-in smart temperature control system, unique thermal precision ensures high cooling efficiency; maximum IPX5 water resistance to withstand all weather conditions – the MONTEER 8000S V2.0 is ready for the most aggressive challenges. Magicshine Monteer 8000S v2.0Magicshine Mount 8000S v2.0 Magicshine Mount 8000S v2.0 Magicshine Mount 8000S v2.0
Weight 32 oz

Tech Specs

BOX DIMENSIONS 8 × 5.2 × 3.5 IN
LED 5X CREE XHP-50.2 LEDS, 21° & 31° SPREAD

100% 8000LM 1:30 HRS
50% 4400LM 3:25 HRS
25% 2400LM 6:30 HRS
10% 1000LM 12 HRS
FLASH 0~2400LM 7 HRS

100% 4800LM 2:10 HRS
50% 2600LM 5:30 HRS
25% 1400LM 11HRS
10% 600LM 22HRS
FLASH 0~1400LM 11:30 HRS

100% 3200LM 4HRS
50% 1700LM 9HRS
25% 900LM 15HRS
10% 400LM 32HRS

BEAM SPREAD 32° +21°
MAX 18W (9V/2A PD3.0/QC3.0)

Video Introduction

What's in the box

Box Contents

1* MONTEER 8000S V2.0
1* Remote Control
1* MJ-6118 battery pack
1* Aluminum handlebar mount
1* USB-C cable
1* 3mm hex
1* User Manual

6 reviews for Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2.0 Remote MTB Light

  1. BOB J.

    I’m very happy with my Monster V2! The remote just release my hand, since I don’t need to move my hand to control the light anymore. And finally, I can switch to the max 8000 LM by clicking the rectangular shape button. No need to scroll through so many modes anymore! Hated that before. Will keep using and sharing on my channel.

  2. Ivan Oregel

    This light is hands down the best one I’ve seen on the trails. I’ve yet to see anything as bright. I’ve used it for a few rides already and have nothing bad to say. For the most part I climb with the lower beams and on the downhill I go full blast. The battery has 3 bars and I’ve yet to use more than 1 bar. My rides are usually about 1:30 to 2 hours long. Bulk of the time is spent on the climb. Your friends or anyone who has to see the light will hate you. If you’re on the road you will have to go low beam and point it down because it’s pretty intense and will blind oncoming drivers.

  3. Clifford Cimaglia (verified owner)

    I’ve been wanting to try night riding and this setup makes night riding almost like cheating. The amount of light and the clarity is unbelievable while flying down the trails. The amount of light that the Monteer 8000s puts out is incredible!!! I love having the option to run a dimmer setting then go full Baja 1000 on the technical parts of the trail. The amount of battery life is amazing as well. I have done a couple 90 min rides since receiving the 8000s and the battery still shows full charge. Having the remote mounted at thumb distance is amazing, you can scroll through the different brightness settings as needed, or go full power and wake up any wildlife that is out there sleeping lol. I’m super pumped to have this on my bike and love having the freedom to ride both night and day now and still maintain my speed and endurance on my local trails. I definitely recommend for anyone wanting to own the night on their bike!!!

  4. GARY

    I’ve taken the Monteer 8000S v2.0 it on four rides so far and the mounting system keeps it secured even on rugged terrain. It can be used without the remote, but the remote certainly makes it easier to change the brightness without taking your hands off the grips. The high light mode is indeed bright, but I don’t think I’ll use it often because I rarely need something that bright. It’s nice to have though in case you want to see the way ahead on the trail.

  5. Glen

    Wow! What a difference from a 1500 lumen front light I had to this 8000 lumen Monteer monster! I usually ride early mornings at 5am and have tried this light for about 5 rides. Using this light gave me much more confidence as the trails are way more visible and I can see ruts, rocks and drops.

    The main selling point for me is the remote. I love how easy it is to switch to the brightest setting in one push of a button. Another selling point is how long the battery last and another is how they offer replacement parts for this model in case you lose something, crash or if something wears out! I just wish they came out with a carrying case for this light!

    I put the battery on top of my top tube on my stumpjumper and no issues at all. Highly recommended.

  6. Nordy38

    Should have bought this light sooner. Plenty of light for the fast fun jump trails when mounted on the bars. I have used over an hour and half and on the high setting and still 1/3 battery left.

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