Monteer 3500S Nebula MTB Headlight

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The Monteer 3500S Nebula offers up to 3500 lumens of max output as an MTB headlight. Its beam pattern is optimized extremely well for a helmet light during mountain, Enduro riding.

  • 3500 lumens max of verified output, 5x Luminus SST-20 LEDs
  • 350m max beam distance, 31000CD beam intensity
  • Flood light – 1800 lumens max; Spot light – 1400 lumens max
  • 5,200mAh battery, Micro USB in/out(5V/2A)
  • 100 – 50 – 25 – 10% and Flash mode, low power mode triggered at 5% battery capacity
  • 1.5 hour runtime on max brightness, hybrid beam mode, 75 hours on 10% half beam mode
  • Garmin base, lightweight handlebar mount with straps
  • Support for handlebars 25.4mm and up

Magicshine Monteer 3500S Nebula MTB headlight is the entry level model in the Monteer series(5000, 6500, 8000 versions,) 3500 lumens of max verified output, weatherproof, USB battery and variable beam pattern makes this light one of the best mountain bike lights on the market.

  • 1800 lumen max flood beam from the top 3 LEDs with 32 degrees spread, 1400 lumen max spot beam from the bottom 2 LEDs with 21 degree spread. Beam pattern on full beam mode is optimzied for any kind of mountain trail, anything and everything in your path will be plain as day, allowing the rider to go full throttle. The Montee 3500S MTB headlight is well suited for Enduro, off-road, back country cycling.
  • The entire outer casing for Monteer 3500S MTB headlight is well built with high quality materials, and aviation grade aluminum alloy for heat sink, IP65 weatherproof. Heat transfer and dissipation rates are optimized through material choice,  internal thermal managmenet system and heat fins that cover most of the outer body.
  • USB rechargeable 5200mAh battery pack can also act as a temporary, emergency power bank for your mobile devices(5V/2A.) Micro-USB rechargeable. On a full charge, the Monteer 3500S is able to be sustained at its max brightness setting for up to 1:42 hours. Back lit control button wills show green when the battery power is above 20%, red between 5-20% remaining and flashing red at less than 5% remaining. Note: The light’s intensity mode will lock into the lowest setting when the power is 5% or less.
  • Garmin compatible handlebar mount is very durable and light weight, comes default with 3 lengths straps, with support for Aero bars. For a more durable version of the handlebar we recommend the MJ-6272 aluminim out front mount or the TTA out front mount. Helmet mounting option will require MJ-6275 extension cable and Garmin compatible helmet mount.

The Monteer 3500S MTB headlight is ideal for any aspiring MTB rider who wishes to test out the waters with the one of the best performing lights on the market.

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Weight 34.56 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5.2 × 3.5 in


Power modes and runtime

Hybrid Beam
100% 3500lm 1:42 hrs
50% 1800lm 3:12 hrs
25% 900lm 6:30 hrs
10% 350lm 17 hrs
Flash 0~1800lm 6:30 hrs

Flood Beam
100% 1800lm 2:30 hrs
50% 1000lm 4:30 7hrs
25% 600lm 8:30 hrs
10% 200lm 19:48 hrs
Flash 9:30 hrs

Spot Beam
100% 1400lm 4:30 hrs
50% 700lm 8 hrs
25% 300lm 20 hrs
10% 100lm 75 hrs
Flash 15:30 hrs

Beam spread

32° +21°

Max beam distance


Light Intensity



5200mAh Micro-USB

Charging power and time

9 hrs (5V/2A)
max 15W (5V/3A)

IP rating




Net weight

Light head: 108.5g
Battery: 274.4g

Tech Specs

Length: 2.36 in/ 60mm
Width: 1.71 in / 43.5mm
Height: 1.63 in / 41.5mm
Weight: 3.83 oz/ 144g (Light head)

9.68 oz/ 274.4g (battery)
5200mAh Micro-USB Li-ion battery (Included)


What's in the box

Box Contents

1* Monteer 3500S Light Head
1* MJ-6116 Battery Pack
2* Battery Straps
1* Garmin Handlerbar Mount
5* Silicone Straps for Handlebars Ø25.4 to Ø35mm & Aero Bars
1* Micro-USB Charging Cable
1* Hex Key
1* User Manual

19 reviews for Monteer 3500S Nebula MTB Headlight

  1. Robert L. Kinzer Jr.

    I was using cheep lights from Wal-Mart when I began riding everyday to and from work. The day I was almost hit is when my son-in-law recommended Magicshine. He described as a train light. He also said it was rechargeable. I saw the price and was hesitant. He further explain he has had his for 10 years. I purchased mine and I can tell that people see me. I can see them almost pull out in front then quickly slam on the brakes. I thank my son-in-law and my Magicshine every time that happens.

  2. Randy greb

    So great ,lights up everything road at night and you can see awsonme, must have .

  3. Scott P. (verified owner)

    A few thoughts after using the Monteer 3500 for a couple of weeks now… I’ve used this light solely handlebar mounted for mountain biking. First off, the build on the light and battery are top notch, and I couldn’t ask for more! Provided Velcro straps slide through battery housing and firmly secure the battery to the bike’s top tube very nicely. Rubberized grip on straps keep the battery super secure and I’ve experienced no battery movement while riding. Removable end cap/cord is also very secure when attached to the battery. So far, battery runtimes have been longer than advertised which is awesome. No issues with charging. I can’t speak on the provided handlebar mount as I’ve only used with the MJ-6272 Out Front Bike Mount which is sold separately. I’d definitely recommend The Out Front Mount as it’s very solid and places the light front and center of bars. Power cord from the light is a bit on the long side, but a few wraps around the handlebar keeps the extra length tucked away. As for the light itself, the Monteer 3500 is bright! On high setting, really all the light I need. I typically run all lights at varying power settings. Didn’t find much benefit to run spot only or flood only modes for mountain biking. Color of the light is warmer than other lights I have owned, which I like. Have not experienced the light overheating. So why not a five-star review? My only, disappointment is the beam pattern. I had previously used a Monteer 6500 and was very impressed with the amount of side throw from the flood lights. With the claimed 32 degree spread on all Monteer models, I was hoping for similar side illumination with the 3500. Unfortunately, not so. The pattern on the 3500 provides more out-front spot illumination than side throw. In summary, the Monteer 3500 is a fantastic bike light, however if I purchased again, I would probably go with the 6500 for perceived better side illumination.

  4. J. Graves

    I love this light, it’s so bright on its highest setting and it evenly distributes light across your field of view. My friends and I have been doing lots of night mountain biking, dirt biking, snowboarding, and snowmobiling. This is my go to light out of all my other lights.

  5. Paul Niezabytowski

    A picture that my cousin took last night during our evening mountain bike ride. I had the Allty 2000 mounted on my helmet and the Monteer 3500 on my handlebars. I do like the smooth beam with no hot spots on the Allty 2000 and it seems to be plenty bright enough for my purposes. Riding at night with the Allty 2000 on my helmet and the Monteer 3500 on my handlebars worked really well. Also, I really like the OLED information screen on the Allty 2000 and I wish the Monteer 3500 had one on top of the light also.

  6. Laura Chapman

    I have this on my road bike and it lights up the road!!! Use on medium power all the time. If I need more light i may increase the power for a bit. Easy to set up and use. For anyone wondering if they need more lumens like I was,,you don’t. It is plenty bright!

  7. Steve Hansen

    I’ve tried plenty of Bike lights and this one is by far is the best one. Don’t cheap out buy this one with the bigger battery. You can ride all day and it still works. Added attraction is bring your phone cord and recharge your phone if it dies

  8. Fredrik

    Make cycling in forest darkness easy.

  9. Nonna

    Gift to my son. He picked it out so he loves it!

  10. Jon Wood

    This thing is seriously bright – I can’t even imagine how bright the 6k or 8k lights are! This is more than enough for smashing trails just as fast as in the daylight (when paired with a helmet light for cornering!). As an indication of the power, you can FEEL a hot spot on your hand if you hold it a couple of inches in front of the light!

    Bonus points for the supplied battery fitting perfectly inside the smaller wrap for my Specialized SWAT storage in the downtube of my Stumpy!

  11. tyred_and_cranky (verified owner)

    Steady ride out this evening trying out my new Magicshine Monteer 3500. A few things that make it stand out from the crowd is, the power-pack that can double up to help charge your Garmin or phone should you need to and the mount which also doubles up as a garmin mount.

    With a max output of 3500 lumens for 1hr 30mins you can’t go wrong. To take it to another level though is by adding in the MJ-906 light on the helmet. I will let the pictures make your mind up.

  12. Shawn P Bolan (verified owner)

    I use this for bike commuting, my typical commute is about a 2-hour ride. I have used the light for about 5 rides and am completely satisfied.

    The handlebar mount that comes with the device was easy to install. I have ordered an out-front (computer) mount for my second bike as well so that I don’t have to move the mount between bikes.

    I am able to place the battery inside of a top-tube bad just behind my stem, so no mounting issues for the battery. There is plenty of cord length for mounting the battery, the only thing I can see going wrong with the battery mounting is that depending on where you place it, you may have to secure some cable length.

    The light options are easy to use. For my 2-hour commute I use a brightness setting that is projected to last about 4 hours.

    Love the light, seems to be the device I have always been looking for.

  13. Harley H.

    It’s really bright and the battery lasts as long as it says. It has good spread and works great on trails.
    I would like the mount to be tool free. Other than that I have no complaints.

  14. The Good Doctor!

    Easily the best light at ANY price I have ever owned! This light is legitimately the brightest and best light that I know of on the market. I right a recumbent trike so I am low to the ground and despite many lights and flags, people sometimes don’t pay attention to me even in broad daylight!

    This is light a flippin light sabre! The battery is long yet sleek and the whole system is ridiculously easy to mount and operate. Cool thing is, you can use the battery pack to charge your technology items if you are in a pinch.

    I must say, the packaging is first rate!!!!! I am completely and utterly impressed!

    3500 Lumens is no joke and many claim lumens they cannot deliver. THIS? Seriously, 3500 lumens is really bright and clear and this is exactly that!!!!! Battery life is impressive!!!

    You will not regret this purchase!

  15. RTM Toad

    This is a really great light. Beam quality is excellent. I have swept back handlebars, so not the greatest for this type of mount due to it not facing straight forward, but I added a GoPro style mount with fitting for Garmin mount on front of the stem and it’s nice and centered. Light now just bayonets on with a quarter turn.

  16. David T.Rogers

    At the price range of this product, it could have cashed in the vehicle much more securely. Be included items for the handlebar mount doesn’t fit all handlebars. Running in and out of different locations means removing the power supply and the headlight from the vehicle each time you leave the vehicle lock outside a building. At $200 the unit could mount permanently on the bicycle. It’s a Wonderful Life waiting to be stolen.

  17. Rick

    Works as described. Would recommend it to others🔅

  18. neli

    If you own an electric scooter must have light, it’s brighter than my own car light. Great distance, nice flood, and spotlight combo.
    Get it you won’t regret it.

  19. dani.vasas

    It’s hard to say anything bad for this product. On every accessories, part you can feel it’s a quality product and will last long. You could buy lamps for cheaper price, but it’s not gonna last as long as this one. Highly recommended!

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