MOH 35 | 1000 Lumen Headlamp

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Magicshine MOH 35 all purpose headlamp for general outdoor activities including hiking, camping, mountaineering,  as well as running, skiing, cycling etc.

  • Main white light, 4 power modes, 30-1000 lumen output, 5500- 6000k temp
  • 120m max beam distance, 3600CD beam intensity
  • Soft and warm reading light,  3 power modes, 5-50-100 lumen output, 4300k temp
  • Red light, 3 modes, including SOS and Flash, 5 & 100 lumen modes
  • 4000mAh capacity battery, Type-C rechargeable
  • IPX6 waterproof rating

Magicshine’s latest high output water resistent headlamp MOH 35, 1000 lumen max output, 3 main lighting modes, main white light, red night/warning light and a low powered reading light, durable and very light weight. With new features added from Magicshine headlamp models MOH 15 & 25. Designed for mountaineering, skiing, cave exploring, hiking etc. outdoor activities.

Max output for MOH 35 front lamp’s white LED is up to 1000 lumens with various output modes. Newly added is reading mode, warm colored, soft flood light with adjustable output. Color temperature on this mode is 4300k.  Main light used for hiking and exploring has a closer to sunlight color temperature of around 6000k with a narrower beam spread. The red LED helps to maintain night vision and offers an additional SOS mode.

With higher output, this Magicshine headlamp requires its own propritary battery pack, strapped to the back of the head situated in its own mount, powered by 1x 21700 with 4000mAh capacity. Battery pack is charged and discharged via a single USB Type-C port, and can be used as an emergency power bank if needed. Note: The battery packs connects to the front lamp via a round shaped plug similar to our bike lights, but it is not compatible with any Magicshine bike lights, nor is any other battery model compatible with the MOH 35 headlamp. Both the lamp and battery when connected, provide IPX6 rating, heavy rain fall or snow should cause no isssue whatsoever for this highly water resistent headlamp. An ideal companion for outdoor adventure lovers.

MOH 35 MOH 35 Magicshine headlamp


Weight 10 oz


Beam intensity

3200 cd

Max beam distance

120 meters (240ft)

Main light temperature

5500 – 6500k

Compatible battery types

Proprietary battery pack. 18650 @ 4000mAh capacity

Waterproof rating


Net weight

107g (3.77oz)


max 15W (5V/3A)



What are included

1* MOH35
1* Battery pack
1* Headband
1* USB-C cable
1* Micro USB cable
1* User Manual

7 reviews for MOH 35 | 1000 Lumen Headlamp

  1. alaw2k

    I have used many headlamps in the past for work. From the el cheapos to big brand names, but never could get the kind of performance I was looking for, its always something, either short runtime or low build qulaity. Now this one is a super bright headlamp, perfect for what i need it for. Max brightness is extremely bright. For up close handy work that requires attention to detail, the reading light does the job well, and the main LED offers a power grade level for pretty much every type of task. Long runtime, no need to charge mid way through my work or exchange batteries. Solid build quiality, 5 stars!

  2. Steven. M

    I usually fish for 2 hours in the afternoon, and this MOH 35 supports for over 3 hours and still very bright. I love the red light very much, cuz it’s super bright, haven’t met any headlamp with this strong power. Recommend !

  3. Markus Krempchen

    Magishine – We turned night into day! The participants equipped with Magishine head lamps. Simply the best on the world’s trails! My next races are a 70km trail and a 100km run at night. Next year I want to walk along the Moselle. 550km in under 120 hours. A perfect lamp for the night. Will be very helpful to me in my big run.

  4. david.j.mathews.590

    I’ ve had this headlamp for a couple weeks now and I am very pleased with my purchase. The spotlight most definitely has some range and the flood light will light up all around you. I’ve not tested the battery life yet as I only use it for short periods of time. The red light will be very useful when walking and biking on the road. The head strap is very comfortable and could very easily wear for several hours. I’ve also figured out a way to mount it to my helmet so with the MJ 900, I will be able to see well.

  5. Greg

    I’ve tried a bunch of headlamps, trying to find the ideal configuration for backpacking, and all this evaluation has led me to a simple set of criteria:

    1. Light weight and small packed size
    2. Long battery life
    3. Dimming options
    4. Provisions to prevent accidental switching on in my pack (a big one)
    5. Angling options

    Most of the headlamps I’ve tested get 3 out of 5 of the criteria right. This is the first one that hits all 5.

    The headlamp element itself is quite small – smaller than my nose (though that’s not always saying a lot). The battery pack, which recharges with a Micro-USB and has a charge indicator light that can be used to check the charge level, is smaller than those that use removable AAA batteries. I paired it with my solar charger for recharging in the backcountry, but over 8 days, didn’t need to recharge at all. That’s including using it for 4 hours straight on red-light mode for a night hike and about an hour’s usage other nights for reading and moving around camp. I saw no dimming at all.

    On the highest setting, which is far too bright for most purposes in the backcountry, the lamp does get warm, but not uncomfortably so. I can see myself using this only for work around the house (in the attic) and when trying to see things quite far away. I ended up using the reading-light mode for things like cooking and moving around a dark camp – it uses less power and works well. Most often, I used the dim and bright red-light settings at night to preserve my night vision. It’s great to move around camp and then look up and see the stars without having to adjust! The light output was more than sufficient to hike by, even on the rocky sections of the Mt. Whitney trail (photo is from the top at sunrise).

    Why I’m so picky about light switch position:
    My prior go-to headlamp, which I love and had researched for quite a while before I bought it, had this very annoying problem of being accidentally turned on in my pack, draining the battery and leaving me with a uselessly dim light when I needed it. I had to pack it in a very specific way to protect the switch from accidental triggering. This headlamp employs a delay circuit to prevent the light from turning on when jostled – I had no problems on this front at all.

    This lamp features, as I have alluded to, three different luminaires: a red LED that operates in low, high, and flashing mode; a small white LED with a rectangular spread pattern for reading with 4 intensity levels; and a large white LED with a circular spread pattern for general illumination with 4 intensity levels. Double-pressing the switch toggles between modes, and single-pressing toggles between intensity settings. The headlamp remembers the last mode/intensity setting when you turn it off, which is a blessing and a great feature.

    I really like this headlamp. It replaces all of my other headlamps and is superior in weight, functionality, and battery life.

    I hope you find this review helpful – if so please let me know!

  6. Texas Rose

    This Magicshine MOH 35 Compact Headlamp is excellent. for many uses and all kinds of weather. It provides great hands free lighting with a variety of settings. It has a seller warranty for 12 months from purchase. It has a verified maximum output of 1000 lumen light to a max distance of 120 meters, and powered by CREE XP-L2 LED and 4000mAh battery. It is multifunctional with a main light, reading light, and a red light. The main light has a color temp of 5500-6500k designed for exploring. The reading light has 4300k color temp for soft, warm flood light, ideal for reading. The red light helps to preserve and sustain night vision, reducing glare and providing SOS flashes when needed. It has a rechargeable headlamp with 60 degrees of vertical rotation, easily and quickly adjustable. The large area power switch, is very easy to push even with thick winter gloves. The lightweight body is constructed with high quality heat dissipating metal for optimal sustained high performance. This head lamp required a Type-C rechargeable battery, and provides up to 62 hours of use on the lowest setting or 2 hours on the highest setting. This headlamp is also waterproof for rain as well as durable and lightweight. We used this during the summer for camping, and also used it to clear out a basement with no electricity available for the work.

  7. Meatwad

    Good little headlamp doesn’t get hot turbo runs until the battery gets low

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