MJ-900S All-around Bike Light

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Magicshine MJ 900S has made more strides over its brother MJ 900 on the lens, LED light source, installation, and battery capacity. It adopted the Garmin/Gopro mount, to become compatible with different devices and support quicker installation and dismantle. Compatible for E-Bike’s power system as well.

Lumen: 1500 (5700-6500 K)
Battery: 7.2V 2600 mAh
Waterproof: IPX 6
Runtime: 1.5-25H
Application:Bike, E-Bike; Road, Off-Road.

Magicshine MJ-900S is an upgraded and improved version of the original classic MJ-900 which has sold millions of units around the world. It continues the MJ-900’s compact, lightweight, and high-output design. Cover lens, LED light source, installation and battery capacity have all made huge forward strides. Now offering compatibility as a bike light for e-bike.

Not only does it look much cooler than the original unit, MJ-900S is now USB rechargeable and a backup mobile power bank. The large contact area power button and efficient heat sink designs have been inherited, battery capacity reading is now displayed both on the power switch and battery pack.

Support for e-bike power supply has now been added. Along with MJ-906S we have added several models of bike light for e-bike. Press and hold the power switch for 8 seconds when the light is switched on to go between normal & E-bike modes. When powered by an E-bike, the MJ-900S automatically adapts to input voltage and power within the 6V to 12V range. Compatible with most mainstream motors from Brose, Bosch, Shimano and Yamaha etc.

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Tech Specs


What's in the box

Box Contents

1* MJ-900S Light Head

1* MJ-6112 Battery Pack

1* Battery Straps

1* Handlebar Mount(Compatible with Garmin)

1* Handlebar/Helmet Mount Adapter(Compatible with GoPro)

5* Silicone Straps for Handlebars Ø25.4 to Ø35mm & Aero Bars

1* Micro-USB Charging Cable

1* Hex Key

1* User Manual

12 reviews for MJ-900S All-around Bike Light

  1. uscyclist (verified owner)

    Nothing short of brilliant. Super bright at a great price in a vey manageable size. I think the best thing about this generation of the Magishine is how easily it all mounts to a headstrap, that’s both the lamp and the battery. So I can wear this walking the dog, cross country skiing or riding my bike as a head lamp and not worry about a cable dangling around my head or shoulders.

  2. djh_v6 (verified owner)

    I’m very impressed with the light package size and quality. I recommend this product. I’m thinking about getting a second one soon.

  3. OCD_OBD (verified owner)

    I got this to see if it’d be a suitable replacement for the xoss headlight I’m currently using. One of the requirements I have is that it has a cut off since commute with my bike as well as go off roading. So while they don’t specifically mention a cut off in the description, they do state a diffuser that you can see on the lens. I thought that might be enough.

    So first this I noticed is that the package shows an orange power button. I looked back at the webpage to verify it was supposed to be black. Opening the package does reveal the button to be black. Everything is well packed in solid foam cutout.

    There’s a few mounting options. A gopro style mount and a standard handle bar mount. I went with the handle bar mount. The included allen key is required to get it fully tightened. I have a front bag under my handle bars and just stowed the battery pack in there with the wire routing out the pocket.

    So compared to the xoss, the headlamp itself is much smaller, but the power pack requires a separate solution. So there’s some give and take there. Fortunately for me, I already had a suitable spot for it.

    I’m happy with the brightness that this lamp kicks out. It’s more than the xoss. But here’s where my issue lies. While there is some diffusion, there’s virtually no cut off. Looking at the lens, I can see the diffuse pattern is a little higher on this lamp than the xoss. So where the xoss cutoff is sharp and distinct, this one has a bit of bleed.
    Again, I’m aware that a cutoff beam is not stated in the description, I mention it as a caution to someone that might mistaken the diffuse as being adequate.

    As for recharging, the battery pack easily disconnects from the system. Whether by the wire connector of the base cap. That being said, it would be nice if the base cap tethered the same way the USB side cap is tethered. You’ll have to find a place to put the dust cap while the batter pack is connected to the lamp.

    Overall, it’s a pretty good bike light that’d I’d like to see some small changes made. Regardless, I’ve been happy to have a chance to try out this headlight.

  4. The Good Doctor! (verified owner)

    FIRST, This is not a self-contained light. Let’s get that out of the way first.
    SECOND, you won’t care because the way this thing is designed and executed, you will not care about the above.

    One of the truly brightest cleanest bike lights I’ve seen. Crisp clear light from a small light unit and bar mount. Very understated.

    A rugged used cord which connects to the separate battery unit and portable charger can be zip tied to to mounting bar, and you can zip tie or Velcro the battery unit to the bar for security.

    It lasts forever compared to most self-contained lights and it has the versatility to be used to charge your phone or gps too!

  5. Cool Upgrade (verified owner)

    I need a smaller headlight, over 1000 LM, and over 2 hours runtime, and it satisfies all !! Like the Garmin mount

  6. aimless (verified owner)

    I researched the hell out of the available lights and finally decided on the MagicShine MJ-900s. This light offers the most value and quality. Other similar lights rely on bulky attachments that require a thumb screw or rubber O-ring. I found the approach taken my MagicShine to be ideal. It offers a much cleaner look compared to a thumb screw-based attachment and a totally tight installation shen compared with an O-ring attachment.

  7. Jeffm

    Great light for mountain bike night rides. Love the mount and love the battery design. Definitely a big step up from the stuff they put our 5 years ago. I like the beam pattern. Nice and wide and evenly spread. I like the brightness. Yes, I would say this is a true 1500 lumens.

    The only thing I think would make this light better would be if they included a helmet mount with the light. That can be bought separately but including it would be great.

  8. Harris

    Easy to install, And it’s very sturdy construction, quite bright for dull day and evening rides.

  9. Dave Hillier

    Really bright and decent for night riding. Great visibility of road up ahead and drains etc. But the most satisfying thing for me is the battery pack. I have used it for 1 week and I haven’t charged it yet

  10. Grant Whelan

    We like everything about these lights, compact, easy to install, very bright, good quality build too. Very long period of burning time. The front light can also be used as a power bank, in case of emergency to charge your phone for example

  11. Stephen

    This is really bright and battery life is just what I need. This light helps me riding in the dark and the rain and the rear light is good too

  12. Lisa

    Love the usb plug. Love the low profile setup. Love that it doesn’t drain the battery when left connected. Runs for a couple hours nicely. Don’t hesitate. You’ll just spend more and get not much better.

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