MJ-900 Front Bike Light

(85 customer reviews)


MJ-900 is very small, lightweight, and versatile, the one size fits all bike light for almost all types of riders.

  • 1200 lumens of max output from 1x CREE XM-L2 LED
  • 140m max beam distance, 5500CD beam intensity
  • 100 – 50 – 30% power modes plus flash mode
  • 2.6 hours runtime on full brightness mode
  • Ice cube sized light head weighs less than 2 oz, battery roughly 6 oz
  • O-ring mount, (helmet mount not included)
  • IPX4 waterproof rating

Successor to the MJ-808, comes the brand new design Magicshine MJ-900 bike light with 1200 theoretical lumens, using a single CREE XM-L2 LED. This little bike light really is tiny, but does pack a punch for it’s size. We’ve kept everything as small as possible including the battery especially for the road boys where weight is paramount. The MJ-900 quality cycle headlight comes with a 2.6Ah 7.2V USB battery pack as standard weighing in at 130 grams it will make your commute a synch with very little extra weight to carry!


Newly designed with advanced cooling through the new thermally managed fins the Magicshine MJ-900 weighs just 55g plus the battery at 130g  with a run time of over 10 hours on the lowest setting!


A newly shaped ‘o’ ring makes mounting this light head to your bars even simpler tha n before.  The battery reverts back to the velcro strap of old, but for such a small battery this works perfectly.


The MJ-900 comes with a tiny 2.6Ah battery as standard, perfect for keeping weight and costs down. The battery indicator for this light on the light head glows orange when remaining capacity drops below 30% and on the battery pack, 3 green LEDs, each representing roughly 30% total capacity. Please note, it does not use the same system as our other lights by turning through the color changes to indicate 75%, 50% and 25% usage through the power switch button. Battery pack is USB rechargeable and also capable of acting as a power bank in a tight spot.

In Use

Magicshine MJ-900 makes use of four power levels 100%, 50% 30% and a flashing mode.  These power options are chosen by pressing the button on top of the lighthead and each option is scrolled through including the off position before cycling back to 100%.

Run Time

The standard 2.6Ah 7.2V battery will give a maximum run time of 2.3 hours on full power, with just over 4 hours on 50% power going right up to 10 hours on 30% of power output.


The Magicshine MJ-900 bike light has a beam angle of 20 degrees,  so slightly wider than the MJ-858, with a thoroughly decent beam throw that much higher priced lights would be envious of. A great little light for the road.

Magicshine MJ-900 Magicshine MJ-900 bike light bike light Magicshine MJ-900Magicshine MJ-900 Magicshine MJ-900


Magicshine MJ-900
bike light


Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 5.12 × 4.73 × 3.15 in


Max output

1200 Lumens (Theoretical Maximum)

Operation temperature

-20 to 40 Celcius

Shell material

Aluminum alloy and plastic


Top Click Switch

Power modes and runtimes

2.6 hours @ 100% output
4.5 hours @ 50% output
10.5 hours @ 30% output
4.8 hours @ Flash mode


2×18650 Li-ion batteries (7.4V 2.6AH)

Power indicator

Power switch
Battery pack





Tech Specs


What's in the box

Box Contents

1* MJ-900
1* Battery pack
1* Silicon straps
1* Micro USB Cable
1* Nylon Straps
1* Use manual
1* Warranty card

85 reviews for MJ-900 Front Bike Light

  1. brittanyonpoint

    My first mountain bike ride with the Magic Shine MJ900 was great! It rained hard, mud was everywhere and the trails were slick, but the MJ900 did a great job lighting the way. This is my 3rd Magic Shine. The other 2 were excellent- the first one is still working after almost 8 years of riding 3x per week during the Pacific Northwest winter months- It’s now a back up. The second one I’ve given to my daughter who is now night riding with me. I would definitely recommend Magic Shine. I’m tempted to pony up and get the new MJ906… more on that later!

  2. Mauro

    This has to be hands down one of the best lights for the price it cannot be beat! First of all it comes in a really tiny package which has a big punch to it with the amount of light it produces. The first time I turned it on outside I was blown away from how bright it was! Also I loved how far the beam went I could easily see 50-75+ feet away depending on the darkness.
    Here are a list of pros-
    -very small and portable
    -has a great amount of light
    -build quality is great
    -cable length is just perfect
    -holds itself very secure on the handle bar
    -battery life is very close to what was indicated
    -provides a far range of the light beam
    -cable connection is secure and water resistant
    On the negative side there aren’t any cons of the light I could really find the back for the light did get a warm but it cooled of when you ride in the night other than that I found nothing else that was negative.
    In conclusion I really must say this has got to be one of the best lights for the price. If you’re debating on getting the light or not don’t think twice go ahead and buy it you won’t regret it. I have also included so pictures of the product in real world scenarios and a look at the light compared to a quarter for size comparison. Hoped this helped you in making your decision!

  3. Gordon Scott

    Sturdy constrction and easy to mount on helmet. Great bright light and not heavy even when battery is mounted to helmet too.

  4. Alan Abcarian

    Item arrived on time, in really nice packaging. Based on this experience, I’m likely buying more items from them soon.

  5. Jerome L. Houle IV

    Amazing light. Works better then expected and it is really small!! Works great on my helmet.

  6. Brian Bedford

    Item as described, very fast shipping, thanks

  7. Alfredo Arevalo

    Item as expected. Good timing. Good packaging

  8. ben.kirkpatrick

    Awesome light dispersion with quality parts. Very lightweight and easy to use. By far the best budget light available. I’ve bought many different lights and this is king

  9. Nick Van Dine (verified owner)

    Love them. The truth is that if you ride hard and often then equipment will wear out and break. This seems especially true of bicycle lights. I’ve owned several brands of high end cycling lights through the years and every one has bit the dust around the 3-5 year mark. Magicshine is no different. My last pair made it 5-6 years and then hit the wall. What is different is that you won’t pay $300-600 for an amazing night riding experience. My last set were the MJ-808 (always buy two for the safety of redundancy and quality of experience with one on your head and one on your bars) were phenomenal and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. When they finally called it quits I immediately came back only to find they’ve been discontinued and replaced with these great little upgraded MJ-900s. After a few rides to test them out I really feel they are a step up from the previous model at about 20% less cost, 50% more illumination, about 1/2 the weight, and only 1/3 the price of the competition. For a bit more technical breakdown… I can light up a telephone pole from 300-400 feet, read general trail direction and shape from about 150 feet, and get quality view of trail definition and texture from about 75 feet. I’ve always been flabbergasted at the price of good rodong lights. These truely leave nothing to be desired and won’t kill the pocketbook doing it.

  10. Danny Fong (verified owner)

    Best light for the price and lumens. Great quality and very light weight. You can mount it on the handlebar or on your helmet. I use the MJ-900 mounted to my helmet and a MJ-906 on the handlebar. I find that the MJ-900 is bright enough that I don’t even turn on the MJ-906 at times. Highly recommended. Fast delivery too.

  11. Terry Nilsen

    This is a very small, yet very powerful light. I liked it so much I bought a second. They both sit atop my handlebars. One on flash and one on bright. Batteries are strapped atop, and below the stem (road bike). Highly recommended.

  12. Gregory Rossi

    Amazing Light its as good as my Nightrider Light that cost me over $400 in 06. Works so well I will be getting a second light for hikes and working in the dark. It’s better than some car headlights.

  13. S. Esquibelon

    Overall, I really like the mechanical design of this light. The beam pattern could be improved to put more light where it is needed and less in the eyes of oncoming traffic.

  14. CCopelan

    This is my 3rd MJ900. I have 2 on the bars and one on my helmet. I have used the other two for a while now. They work great, are light weight, and are 3 separate units, which means that if any of them should fail, I will still have more than enough light to keep on having a good time.

    It is true that the beam is not as focused as a 200$ light, but with 3 of these, it really doesn’t matter (I have ridden singletrack with one on low ), and for the price, you can’t beat it.

    The battery for my second light failed about two weeks ago. I emailed Magicshine and they had a replacement on my doorstep in 4 days with no hassle whatsoever. I am very happy with my purchases.

  15. K. Antonaccion

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE this light. my hubs was so jealous i had to buy another, along with the mounting kit, so he would not steal mine. i cannot say enough and have referred a handful of friends to buy as well.

  16. Fabio Leite Vieiraon

    Perfect !!!
    Very strong, even though it’s just 1.200 lumens, but it’s real lumens, not the fake ones in the market.
    Battery is ok and it’s very, very small.
    Steady in the handle bar, not shaking and is very light.

  17. Alex Jordanon

    Got it as a gift for my Dad. Very bright light and definitely will help him commute after work at night. He has had no problems charging it or using it. He highly recommends.

  18. Ryan

    I love this bike lamp. Very bright, long battery life and small on the handlebars. Great value for a very bright lamp. The battery pack is not too large and easy to strap to the bike frame.

  19. Radoslav Ivanov

    Very good little bike light, work as expected – bright light, enough for moderate city riding about I bought it for.

  20. K

    Best light kit I’ ve used. The price is fair and the light is perfect. I bought 2 one helmet, one bike mounted. Ran them on high for more than an hour on my last ride, they were perfect. Lit up the singletrack so I came close to PR time wise.

  21. Darian

    Excellent LED light so far. I have been using LED lights for 15 years now commuting to work daily. I have used many Magicshine lights including the 808, 872, and many other Chinese copies of the same. I have probably gone through a couple dozen LED lights over the years.
    My biggest complaint of the old 808 is the beam pattern is too narrow. It’s okay for a helmet mounted light that you move around. The 872 was actually too wide and eight batteries too quickly. Magicshine finally got it right with this MJ 900.
    First the battery life on this is phenomenal. I use the standard battery pack for the 808 and 872 and get almost 2 weeks of continual lighting commuting. This is twice what a regular light will go. The battery that comes with the MJ 900 is only to sell and will last a week commuting and several hours on a night ride with half the weight. Very well done. This is better than some of the night writer and more expensive lights I’ve used in the past.
    Next the beam pattern for the MJ 900 is excellent. They finally have it dialed in with one LED and the right focusing prism. The pattern is perfect with bright in the center and bleeds out gradually in the periphery with good penetrating visibility.
    The other awesome design is the size. It is a very small profile and very light. Half the weight and size of the 872. Mounting this on your helmet is barely noticeable.
    Power: it says 1200 lm. I don’t know what to say about measuring that but it is right up to par with the 872 which claimed 1600 lm. We all know the Chinese way over rate this. The light penetration however for this light is excellent and up to par with every light I’ve had in the past.
    Durability: seems to hold up very well with a good solid build quality.
    Ease of mounting. Magicshine and their classic rubber O ring is a piece of cake. This doesn’t move shift or fail.

  22. KIT

    Quality – rechargable – bright light- for Mountain Biking !
    Have had this light for 1 year now – It ROCKS ! I could not believe how much light this puts out when I first tested it at night on my driveway. It is small and is easily mounted to the handlebar and stays right where you’ve aimed it – even rolling rough single track. I purchased it intending to do some night rides – but have yet to do it. I use it to ride in the evenings especially when days are getting shorter – I can still do the single track ride I want knowing I’ll be finishing the end of it using this light. I tested it a few times just at dusk before fully trusting it going longer and farther in the evening. The build quality is solid both battery light, connections and charger.

    It is also great to have as an emergency light in case of unexpected events. The light and battery are small and pack easily in by Camelbak – ready for whatever adventure I’m on.

  23. Will

    Excellent product at a great price.
    The light was brilliant, in fact even on its lowest setting it was bright enough to illuminate the trail for speedy descents. Sadly heavy mist didn’t allow the best testing environment but when it did clear the light was great.
    The battery pack is small and unobtrusive and easily attached to the top or down tube if you want.
    All in all a fantastic buy and I would thoroughly recommend Magicshine for their products and high level of customer service.

  24. Batman

    I bought this after a couple of magazine reviews. Bought for off road. I used it in the winter going out at 8 at night in pitch black. Had it helmet mounted and it was amazing. Used for going down red runs in the park with jumps and drops. Have given 5 stars based on the price. I didn’t have loads of money for a bike light and wasn’t disappointed when I got this at all. Was great. The only time I felt I needed more light was when the speed gets quite fast down hill but to be expected considering the price. Its a amazing light with great light. Solid build quality. Would definitely recommend.

  25. Jlp3333

    Easy to attach and detach, well built, put on handlebars of a road bike. Very bright, lights up the road well in no and low light situations. Running speed between 14-21 mph, never felt like I was outrunning my lights. Finding myself doing more and more solo rides at night on paved trails. About me…experienced rider, ride everyday.

  26. Jlp3333skifastchad

    Tried it out last night for the first time. Wow! Incredibly bright light! Even on its lowest setting it gives plenty of light. I’d say on that setting I could see about 100 feet in front of me with no problem. I’ve mounted it on my bike helmet, which I think is the best way to use it. You get light exactly where you want it. I feel very safe in the dark now. Great light!

  27. TamaraGooderham

    Great customer service. The battery which came with the light initially did not give the advertised run times however the aftercare was excellent and a replacement battery was quickly sent. The light is now working great – very bright and build quality seems very good for the money. Good product, communicative seller and excellent aftercare.

  28. Brett

    best light out there for the price, hands down. i use as helmet light with the 906 on the bars.

  29. Cam McCaul

    I’ve used at least a dozen bike lights in the last couple years I’m an extreme mountain bike rider so I ride 7 days a week 6 to 10 hours a day so sometimes riding all day isn’t enough so I do night riding as well the biggest problem I find with most of the bike lights on the market is the wiring and mounting connections are not the best electronics they’re not hardcore enough to deal with my day today extreme writing style and also there’s the point of disconnecting a life and then reattaching it which puts wear and tear on the unit the wiring battery connections excetera also a lot of the charger don’t have short circuit protection systems installed now this magicshine is a totally different playing field the charger is amazing craftsmanship and almost looks like a laptop adapter now the LED light itself it is about a little smaller than an ice cube and for the size of this unit it is remarkably right you really wouldn’t think but something the size of your thumb is going to perform in an outstanding professional level and this light will last over 10 and a half hours on the lowest setting which is extremely bright the connections to the main light unit are hardcore and the wiring harness and system are tough and rugged I will definitely look into be upgrading to the top of the line unit because for the price this company really gives the consumer a great product a product you can rely on a product that all get full of mud get wet get slammed around and always function 100%

  30. virtualjsk

    This is a great little light. I had never ridden at night before, then bought this light after someone I met on the trails recommended it. When it arrived, I was impressed by the rugged simplicity of the whole system. Everything appeared to be high quality, and nothing was wasted on unnecessary features or embellishments. This is a utilitarian tool, not a flashy gadget. What really got me liking it was actually taking it on a ride, in the woods, on twisty New England singletrack. This little monster projects a huge beam, and makes riding in complete darkness possible. Considering that it costs less than one good tire, it’s a steal. I’m very happy with my purchase so far. If you want to start riding at night, start with this light.

  31. Dave from GA

    High quality light with good run time.
    Magicshine has been in the LED bike light market for over 5 years and each year their products keep getting better. I purchased on of the original Majicshine 900 lumen lights 5 years ago, specifically for Mountain Biking, and it’s still going, however, the old light is not nearly as efficient as the new MJ-900. The new MJ-900 is brighter, runs longer, and uses a battery that’s half the size of the old light. Overall this is one of the best lights you can purchase for as little as $60 at the time of this review. After unboxing, I charged the (small 2-cell) 2600mAh battery with the included charger, then I ran the light on high and timed how long it took before the light shut down, it was exactly 2.6hrs as advertised. Magicshine does not exaggerate the run time, I would expect over 5 hrs runtime on a 4-cell battery pack. I don’t know if the brightness is a true 1200 lumens, however, it’s now the brightest bike light I own, just as bright as my OxyLED that has 2 CREE LEDs in it. I now have 4 LED bike lights, the new MJ-900 which is now my #1 light, (2.6hr runtime), a 4-year old twin LED OxyLED branded light, now ranked #2 (2.5hr runtime), a Solarstorm (twin LED) that ranks #3 because it’s not as bright, but has a 5 hr runtime, and finally the old Magicshine 900 lumen light with the shortest runtime (90 min) but is still decently bright is now ranked #4. I may sell the old MajicShine 900 as I probably wont’ use it much now that I have the new MJ-900.

  32. Jamie

    I used this on the last part of a 5 hour mountain bike ride. 3 hours of the ride were in a torrential downpour. The last hour of the ride was after sunset. I had about 30 minutes of dark riding on a gravel road to get back to my car during the final part of my ride. The light turned on after all that heavy soaking rain, and worked fine the rest of the ride. I had this mounted on my helmet. It stayed put and didn’t sustain any damage going through any of the brush either. It is really bright works better than any of the other bike lights I’ve had. I got the headlamp strap so that I can use this as a backup headlamp for search and rescue.

  33. Schwende

    I bought my first 1000 lumen Magicshine bike light about 10 years ago. It’s still working, but the cable was cracking and the battery would only last about 1/2 hour, not enough time to ride from the northside of Fort Collins (New Belgium!) home. Thought about getting just a battery … but went for the 1200 lumen (200 more lumens!!) set. NOT disappointed!! This is a fantastic deal for such a powerful headlamp. The optics are more focused than the older model but there is still a wide enough secondary beam to light up the off-road multi-purpose trails that thread through our city. It’s a better lamp! And the batteries are more compact! I expect to get 10 years or more out of this set-up. Quality product! Good deal!

  34. Anand Ravi

    Amazing light, helps light up trail very well. Create customer service from magicshine

  35. Area man

    This light is great.
    If you’re on the fence on buying it like I was, get off of it and buy it. Amazing light for the money.

  36. C H.

    Great light for mountain biking at night. Plenty bright but a second Hemet light is always a good idea on faster more technical riding. Only used it twice so far but no issues to report.

  37. TX customer db

    Very bright. Works well.

  38. fun cook

    Super bright good battery life

  39. Franklin Garcia

    Great for night riding.
    Great lamp for city riding at night and excellent for mtb night rides. Highly recommended.

  40. John W.

    Solid product, great price.
    I run one of these on my bars and one on my helmet. Popular option around here, was recommended to me by a neighbor. Anyways, super bright lights, can ride easily at night.

  41. Rolland Waters

    Lighter, smaller, better!

    I’ve used the older Magicshine for years and they’ve given me good service.

    This new one is even smaller and seemingly a bit brighter, with a much better beam pattern.

  42. tomfeighery

    Good light for the price
    Good light for the price,nice and compact and easy to install

  43. Scott

    Powerful light in a small efficient package.
    I like the lightweight and small package and especially the bright light! The other Magicshine light I own is over 8 years old and still kicks butt. I bought this as a compliment to that one and the new generation is awesome. It is lighter, brighter and the new battery packages are smaller and incredibly long-lasting. I use this for night rides in the countryside in a rural area and it provides more than enough light to safely go whatever speed I wish. Great Value for a solid product.

  44. Tom

    Stand behind their product!
    I’ve been using these lights for a few years and have been very happy. I recently had bought two extra batteries and didn’t get around to using until about three months later. One of them didn’t work. MagicShine sent me a new one, no questions asked. I highly recommend them.

  45. dwight fellman

    this is BRIGHT

    great for me – as I am a considerate bike rider, and don’t shine this helmet-mount light into the eyes of pedestrians or other bike riders. I DO however use this bright helmet-mounted light to warn car and truck drivers off. works like a champ.

  46. Brad

    Compact, lightweight, and bright.
    Hard to believe how bright this tiny light is. Purchased it to replace an older version of the same model, and this one is much improved.

  47. F

    Good value

    The quality ‘and the effective light you have.

  48. kunkle

    Nice light
    Light appears well made and easy to use. My battery was dead on arrival and after contacting company they did send out replacement which worked so support is good.

  49. MarkTol

    works great!

    Works as advertised. Some problems figuring out the helmet mounting but YourTube videos helped. good clarity on my 4AM commute on dedicated bike trails and city streets. I can recommend this without hesitation.

  50. Ann M. Schonfield

    Great customer service!
    I really like the MJ 900 light, it’s super bright, very small and easy to use. Makes me feel much safer on my road rides at night. I also got EXCELLENT customer service from Magic Shine. When the battery didn’t last as long as advertised a year after I bought the headlight, customer service was super helpful, very responsive and sent me a different battery. Thanks Magicshine!

  51. Steve Krisch

    Best quality/brightest budget lights out there.
    I have used MagicShine products for about 3 years now. I put around 6,000 miles on my mountain bike every year, half of those miles are at night after work. I have never had a problem with my MagicShine lights. They are very bright, the battery last a very long time. I usually ride at least 20 miles every time I go out and sometimes more, I have never had a light go out on me. Never had any flickering issues and have always had enough brightness to get down the mountain safely. I would highly recommend these lights to anyone who wants a high quality light that doesn’t want to spend a huge amount of money. MagicShine batteries are amazing. They last on average 1.5 hours longer than other lights costing much more depending on the light model you get. You won’t be disappointed with MagicShine.

  52. pj

    If you want to charge via USB make sure to order the 900B model. Would be nice if the lights came with helmet mounts.

  53. skaddenger

    I’ve had this light for almost two years. If you like a tiny, yet incredibly bright light, with a wired battery pack, this one is pretty tough to beat. I’ve used it on my Fat Bike and my Road Bike, and often get 3+ full hours of use. Bright enough to illuminate the road or the trail at night, and visible from a great distance during the day.

  54. Mike Hardin

    Great seller. very impressive light for its small size.

  55. schoboat

    I live a few blocks from the Mississippi River and bike 15+ miles on the levee bike path. With the Fall time change and starting a new job, it was night before I could ride consistently. There are long sections of the bike path that are pitch black at night. On the lowest setting, this gives more than enough light. In fact, I have to make sure to point it down to not blind people.

    I had some reservations about the rubber ring that is used to mount it, but so far I have had no problems and found you can buy backups.

  56. Tony

    Small, bright and even bright enough on the lowest setting. Use these on my 4 cycle toro snowblower. Yes I bought 2 but one would of been plenty

  57. Matthew

    Works great its real water proof and it’s dumb bright no prob seeing on trails or roads cop ask if I can turn it down a little I was like nope I wanna live tonight.

  58. christopher guevara

    product is very good

  59. T.R.A.


  60. Michael F.

    To say the least, this light is bright. I bought this light for my girlfriends mountain bike as we are out past dark quite often. This light would work best as a helmate light as it is very tiny and light weight. The battery has lasted well longer than our night rides. I will be buying magicshine lights in the future as I do believe it is the greatest value out there. Yea, there are many many cheaper lights on amazon that claim the same light output and are bright. But, I am telling you, don’t waste your money! Those lights are always bluish and usually a spot beam, which makes it hard to use off road.

  61. AJ

    This is one is. best bike helmet light I had – lightweight, bright and with a very nice beam spread.

  62. Steven

    I bought this to use as a helmet light for night-time mountain biking. This thing is awesome! It’s unbelievable how much light you get from such a small/light-weight device. I’m equally impressed with the accompanying battery pack. It all seems very well designed and built to last. Easily gets 2+ hours on high and still shows above 33% battery capacity. I just ordered a second to put on my handlebars.

  63. Guy Cerasaro

    Lightly smooth, impressive very light to come from such a small lamp that barely feels on the head or helmet. Perhaps the most affordable lamp on the market.

  64. Elrabin

    Love this light .It is compact but really is bright. The battery pack functions ok I wish the battery life was a bit longer but the bright light is power hungry at full power, so it eats up the battery quickly in around 2 hours as described by the manufacturer .

  65. Matthew

    Magicshine has good customer service. My battery cable had a short in it and they sent me a new one.

  66. Brook Yeomans

    This lite is insane! Small and bright as can be. Ample to ski or ride nite time single track. Had some issues with the battery but the company is on it! Replaced it after over a year! Thanks MagicShine.

  67. TJ Fretwell

    Great little light. I’ve only used it 3-4 times and I haven’t yet tested in the extreme cold but so far it’s been fantastic. Paired with a helmet mount I’ve never had a light combo that allows me to ride so well at night. Customer service was top notch when I had a question. Buy it, you won’t regret it!

  68. GB

    Very bright! Good that it is not heavy on bars. Easy to attach battery to frame. Fairly slow charge time. Lasts amounts of time that were stated in S. Cal. weather.

  69. Zreview

    Great Light for the money. Very bright and seemingly very well made.

  70. Kindle Customer

    Amazing light! Second one I’ve purchased. The new battery is even better than the original!

  71. Crystal

    This tiny light is incredibly bright and works really well mtb’ing at night. When I ride with a group there is a drastic difference between my tiny ultra-bright MagicShine and the majority of other rider lights. I currently use two lights: MJ-900 on my helmet and an even older, round version of MagicShine light on my handlebars.

    My first MJ-900 was purchased in 2016 (4 solid years of use) and its still as bright as the day I got it, except now the on/off button may have a loose connection and it takes a few presses to turn back on.

    There seemed to be some issues with the plug-in wall chargers on the older models so fortunately, the newer lights come with a USB charger. Between my chargers and my husbands, who also uses two MagicShine lights older than mine, the plug-in wall chargers can be faulty and indicate a full charge when it didn’t charge at all. This led me to unnecessarily purchasing another battery. The newer USB charger has corrected that issue.

  72. Kim Lefrancois (verified owner)

    I have used the light for night mountain biking, hiking and dog walking. Love it! Game changer in being able to be active during the short days of winter. Highly recommend!

  73. Denny (verified owner)

    It is very bright and the battery power does not diminish on high power after a ride of 2 hours. That is the longest I have tested it.

    It is easy to charge and does this quickly. I use mine on the handlebars and feel the wire would make it not so good for a helmet light. Other folks might disagree.

  74. MePaul

    Great helmet light for riding my EUC on the trails at night, love it!

  75. Yuriy

    Great helmet light. Many power packs work with it.

  76. Trevor J.

    Great product. This light is very bright

  77. S. Lally

    The light itself is great. Compact but still powerful. I can go for a while on a road bike even on the low setting, and on high it’s bright enough to mountain bike. I would like to see a system that doesn’t need it’s own charging adapter, but that isn’t a product flaw, just something to be aware of.

    More importantly, the customer service is amazing! I’ve had this for a couple of years, well outside of the warranty period. The system stopped working though, and after some research, it sounded like the charger had gone bad. So I reached out to confirm that as I just wanted make sure I was buying the right part. I would have been perfectly content with a yes or no, but they went above and beyond to have me send it in, confirm what was going on, and send me a new charger for free!

    Anyone can make a good product, but it takes a lot to stand up and support it!

  78. Manuel Su

    A very good bike light for MTB night trails, good battery life, and good customer service with Magicshine…

  79. Patricia

    Item as described and is very bright. I use it on my bike for commuting to work!

  80. isaac

    Didn’t expect much based on its small stature. But boy this knocks my other niterider lamps out of the water. Not sure how long it’ll last but it is great for mountain biking in the woods or even downhill skiing.

  81. Rebecca M

    Used in combination with a different brand with a more focused spotlight beam pattern as a helmet mounted light.
    The beam pattern for this light is a perfect spread between flood and spot. I would recommend to use as a helmet and a bar mount together if you wanted.
    It is super small super light and once mounted to my bike it was forgotten. I would use this on my road bike. The mount was unmovable on very harsh terrain and was bright and spread perfectly on high for fast downhill sections.
    Only downside, its cord is unnecessarily long for my use. I’d prefer to mount the battery to the stem or front of the top tube with a short corded coil for a cleaner look but it’s ok as is. If planning to use as helmet mount it’s perfect as the cord will fit into your bag.
    Appears to be a very hardy design that I would expect to work perfectly in any condition.
    I will update post as time goes by.
    Warranty seems legit and I doubt I will need it.

  82. G Nutt

    The light is plenty bright enough to ride single track at night. The picture attached to my review is with the light set to medium. The unit does heat up quite a bit but hasn’t caused any issues. Battery pack fits nice and snug without fear of it falling off our vibrating. It seems to last. I’ve used it for a few 1.5-2hr rides with no issues. Love that there is a gauge on it (3 little leds) to tell u where the battery level is. For an inexpensive solid little light, I would highly recommend this one. I’m thinking about buying a second for backup

  83. ACll l.p.

    Gets hot quickly. No issues in winter though.

  84. blip01

    I do lots of long night rides, and early pre-dawn rides. This is a great compliment to my helmet light. The battery lasts through even the longest rides. Light is bright, beam is tight, but when paired with a helmet light the trail is lit well.

    Had an issue about a year in, turns out the cable from the battery to the light went bad. I contacted Magic Shine support and they diagnosed the problem and sent a new cable that arrived in a few days.

    Great light, and great support if you need it!

  85. Amazon Customer

    For the size of this light, it works excellent for lighting up the trail during my night rides. I use the low setting for climbing the hills and change to the high setting when ripping the downhill. The only thing that would make it better would be to purchase another one for extra brightness. For the price of this light, I would definitely recommend this light.

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