Allty 2000 Front Bike Light

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Powerful bike headlight with built-in DRL (Daytime Running Light.) Designed for both road and mountain with its highly adjustable brightness and beam patterns.

  • 55 lumen Daytime Running Light, an always-on built-in safety LED for day or night.
  • 2000 lumens max of verified output from 2x CREE XP-L V6 LED
  • Flood – Spot – Hybrid beam patterns
  • Side lighting for better side visibility
  • 100 – 50 – 25% Flash and Strobe power modes
  • 1-hour runtime on full brightness, hybrid beam mode
  • All in one integrated design, 183 g in weight
  • OLED power and beam mode indicator
  • Garmin mount with silicone straps

This is Magicshine’s 2nd bike headlight with built in DRL (Daytime Running Light.) The Allty 2000 is similar to Allty 1000 in its design and functionality, with one additional LED and 2x 18650, 3500mAh capacity battery pack. The DRL is always on when the light is on and this little 55 lumen light can drastically increase your visibility to oncoming traffic during daytime or night. The main light consists of two CREE XM-L2 V60 LEDs, each capable of 1000 lumens max. One of the lens is slightly grated so the spread is slightly wider at 25 degrees. This is our 2nd bike light with OLED display after MJ-908. Information on light mode, beam strength and remaining runtime are displayed and updated in real time.

The Allty 2000 offers 4 brightness modes at 10 – 25 – 50 – 100% and one flash mode, applicable to half beam(1xLED) or full beam(2xLEDs.) The battery uses a double cell cartridge that is locked onto the back of the light, easily unlocked with a coin. The cartridges can be exchanged on the fly as needed however the cells themselves are not removable.  Runtime under a full charge ranges from 1 hour under full beam, full brightness to 14.5 hours with just the DRL active.

Outer metallic shell is verydurable and resistent to damages. For a bike light with OLED display and a removable cartridge style battery pack, Allty 2000 is able to attain an IPX5 rating, which means strong resistence to moderate rain and snow.

The mounting mechanism uses the standard Garmin style base, easily compatible with our  TTA out front style mount. Handlebar mount comes with 3 lengths straps for different bar sizes and is secured with a hex key. After installation the mount stays on the bar. For helmet mounting option, please check out our Garmin helmet mount.

bike light with OLED display bike light with OLED display bike light with OLED displaybike light with OLED display bike light with OLED displaybike light with OLED display bike light with OLED displaybike light with OLED displaybike light with OLED display bike light with OLED display

Media Reviews on Alllty 2000 by magazine BIKE BILD—–

magazine BIKE BILD.

The 206g light weight Magicshine Allty 2000 shines brightest. Even at medium level it is brighter than all other tested handlebar lamps. The runtime at full brightness is only one hour however one of the lower brightness modes is more than enough for most occasions. The lamp attaches to the helmet mount in no time at all. The handy OLED display shows the remaining battery capacity and calculates remaining runtime in hours:minutes format very accurately.

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Media Reviews on Allty2000 by Matthew Bonner,Singletracks——

“As you turn the Allty 2000 on for the first time while riding, one thing is clear: it is one powerful beast. Immediately, every stick, stone, and turn on the trail pops right out of the night. While some might say that the light that the Allty 2000 emits is a little harsh, the trade-off is the ability to see everything coming at you in the dark, even on high speed descents. Personally, that’s a price I’m willing to pay.”

“As for durability, the Allty 2000 really shines (no pun intended). Honestly, at the beginning of this review I wasn’t completely sure how its metal body would handle shock absorption from falls. Despite this, I’ve dropped it onto everything from rocks to concrete, and nothing has been able to break it. Magicshine also claims that the light is waterproof; I put it under the spray of a shower for 15 minutes to confirm. Even after all that time, the shower didn’t affect performance in the slightest. Just like the Allty 1000, Magicshine built the Allty 2000 to last, and the product’s quality proves it.”

bike light with OLED display

bike light with OLED display

bike light with OLED display

bike light with OLED display


Weight 10 oz
Max Power



CREE XM-L2 V60 x2

Beam spread

25 & 20 degress

Operation temperature

-20 to 40 Celcius

Operating voltage

5.0 – 8.4V

Power modes and runtime

DRL: 55lm 14.5hrs
Full Beam: 200 – 2000lm 1 – 8.5hrs
Half Beam: 100 – 1000lm 2 – 10hrs
Flash: 200 – 1800lm 1.8 – 10.8hrs


7.2V 7000mAh Cartridge battery pack removable

Charging power and time

4.5 hrs (5V/2A)
max 10W (5V/2A)

Waterproof rating




Net weight

183g (6.45 oz)

Tech Specs


What's in the box

Box Contents

1* ALLTY2000
1* Handlebar mount
2* Aero bar compatible strap
1* 3mm hex
1* Micro USB cable
1* User manual
1* Warranty card

23 reviews for Allty 2000 Front Bike Light


    I recommend.Excellent. Best customer services.

  2. A. Schmier

    beefy light, 2k lumens plus, with removeable battery. DRL mode alone lasts forever and is brighter than some lights i have used

  3. GG Anderson

    Good quality and condition!
    very decent build quality, water resistence so far so good, bright enough for almost anything, non proprietary mount is nice, works nicely with the garmin mounts i already own!

  4. GG Anderson

    very decent build quality, water resistence so far so good, bright enough for almost anything, non proprietary mount is nice, works nicely with the garmin mounts i already own!

  5. Mole

    User friendliness is what sets this light apart from the other 50+ lights I’ve used. Garmin style/compatible quarter turn mount will fit any bar size or shape and very simple and quick to use + has a solid quality feel to it! Accurate digital battery life indicator means you never have to wonder what level the battery is charged to and how long your usage time will last. Mode selection button is also a high point having a light but positive feel while reliably allowing you to select whatever light function your looking for.

    Light performance is good. Very bright with a nice wide beam and very smooth light coverage. Runtime in the highest mode is pretty short (1 hr. claimed) but I never really found the need for this setting even mtn. biking. 2 hr./3.5 hr. med high/med. runtime claims were pretty accurate and along with their respective 1000/500 lumen levels far more useful in normal operation. The only real negative performance issue is the Allty 2000 does run very hot in the high mode. Don’t expect to get more than about 5 min. of high mode use before the light automatically lowers output to protect it from over heating damage.

    *** Thought I should add that Magicshine sent me this light to do a review in anther bike forum but thought I’d share my experiences with the light here too***. If extended high mode use is not something you normally do than I’d have rated this light @ 5 stars for you. On the other hand if your buying this light for its 2000 lumen rating this is probably not the light for you.

  6. Shawn Mccleskey

    I upgraded from a Cateye VOLT700 that had 300 Lumens at 50% and 700 lumens max. Now I have 1,000 lumens at 50% and a much longer battery life and peace of mind, and actually know exactly how much battery time is remaining. The Cateye was a narrow range of light, now I have a wider beam with the Allty 2000 that reveals more of the trail to my left and right, as well as more of the ground. It remembers your last setting, which is convenient. The OLED display is comfortable to view, not too bright, crisp/sharp, and easily read. When using, first it tells you what % of battery power you have remaining, and then after about 20 seconds it shifts to display your remaining run time and stays on that time remaining display until you change modes or % of power.

    I’ve read complaints about this light running hot and was expecting something unbearable. I’ve been riding in 70F temp and running with full mode light at 50%, after 45 minutes, if I grip the front of the light, it’s warm to the touch but not uncomfortably hot. It is notably hotter than my Cateye, but we’re comparing 300 lumens Vs. 1,000 lumens at 50%, so warmer is expected and justified. 100% power and full light mode would get quite hot, but it has a built in protection mode that auto drops the power % to prevent damage. Also watched a youtube video review that said this light makes noise. No matter what mode/setting/power your’e at, the noise (a slight hum) is the same. It’s faint, you have to put it up to your ear to really notice, and it’s impossible to notice/hear during a bike ride.

  7. Shawn (verified owner)

    Works great, people walking toward me may not like it

  8. Francis Cebedo

    The light is incredibly bright, especially when all three LEDs are used. And it’s such a wide, consistent beam pattern that it is very easy to see with on the road or on the trail. One can see the obstacles clearly and the edges of the trail and the beam reaches very far in the brightest mode, allowing one to ride at high speed without outrunning the beam.

  9. KY

    I bought these light for not only my bike , but also on my baby stroller. I wanted something that would not require the use of rechargeable batteries, but that could be easily charged via USB instead. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the LEDs, LEDs were very bright, and though the front lights were acceptably bright, I would not use these for night-time mountain biking, but for a casual stroll around the neighbourhood or to walk around with the stroller, these lights more than met my needs.

  10. Scarecrow

    This is one powerful compact light. I have this light mounted on the handle bar of a Yamaha dirt bike and under black out conditions this light is fantastic. It is more than adequate on the medium or high setting and it’s detachable / swivel versatility is great especially on a ‘night ride’ trail in the boonies. If the manufacturer makes (or will make) a bracket that can be mounted to a flat surface, I’ll buy it and use it as a front fender mount among other possible uses. If made available, different types of mounting brackets would really expand the possible uses for this light.

  11. Demon crus

    We go riding in Oregon along the river mostly at night and we really needed something waterproof, sturdy, and very bright and this takes the cake! We have had a few lights and this charges fast and lasts us on our 3 hour bike rides. It brightens up the whole trail in the woods and definitely gets noticed by cars. My wife loved it and I’ll be buying another one for me 🙂 I recommend the magicshine bike light as well its rechargeable too! Thank you magicshine for the amazing customer service and products.

  12. Kevin Struckman

    This light is awesome. It is heavier than I thought, but it is solid and seems to be well build. I am getting a decent battery life and even on the lower setting this puts out decent light on urban streets and trails. The pattern has a good spread and seems very even.

    I did have a problem with the mount, It broke on the second ride. it might have been my fault for trying to get it tighter- so my advice is to make sure not to overtighten it. I wrapped a piece of PVC tape around my bar to help with grip and haven’t had a problem. Magicshine customer service was very responsive and sent me a new mount- which arrived in just a day! Great company and would absolutely recommend and purchase this again.
    Ride safe!

  13. Paul Niezabytowski

    I had the Allty 2000 mounted on my helmet and the Monteer 3500 on my handlebars. I do like the smooth beam with no hot spots on the Allty 2000 and it seems to be plenty bright enough for my purposes. Riding at night with the Allty 2000 on my helmet and the Monteer 3500 on my handlebars worked really well. Also, I really like the OLED information screen on the Allty 2000 and I wish the Monteer 3500 had one on top of the light also.

  14. VS

    This light is almost too bright. I definitely can’t use it when I’m riding on the road because it would blind oncoming traffic but when I’m riding on the trails at night, it’s perfect. I mounted it on my helmet so It throws a good spotlight where I can spot what’s coming up. Paired with a decent handlebar light, I can ride in the middle of the night without worrying about any hidden features that I may miss. The light is so bright that i don’t even run it on it’s highest setting. Fair warning though, on it’s highest setting, the battery will die within an hour and a half. The lower power will prolong battery life considerably. And speaking of batteries, that’s why I purchased this light. My old helmet light had an external battery that I needed to carry either in a Jersey pocket or a pack. This all-in-one light is fantastic because it eliminates the need to run a cable off your helmet. It does add extra weight but I feel as though it’s worth the trade off.

  15. Kevin Kireluk

    An impressive feature packed all-in-one headlight. Incorporating a DRL light, built-in Garmin style mount and an OLED screen the Allty 2000 is substantial improvement over previous commuter lights.

    I love the design! Much better than the Light and Motion Taz.

  16. Ingar Grev

    This is a great light. Perfect combination of price and performance. There are some reviews I read here about the light running hot, but that’s not my experience – nor my son’s (I bought 2). Certainly if you keep the light at its highest setting it will be shedding some heat, but you won’t notice it if keep moving. My son and I have discovered that the highest setting isn’t really necessary unless the trail is covered with leaves, or if we’re hitting a sweet downhill. Even with the highest setting, though, as long as you’re moving, you won’t notice the heat. I make it a habit to put the light on its lowest setting when stopped to help prolong battery life.

    I recommended it to my friends and will buying another one for my daughter.

  17. Camille

    My boyfriend and I were on the verge of breaking up because he couldn’t see me in the dark when I was riding, but NOT ANY MORE!! Consider this relationship saved! This light is so bright, it not only shows the trails amazingly while I’m out riding, it also shows my beautiful face to my boyfriend!

  18. MARK T

    This light works great! Very bright and long life. I recommended it to my friend for his bike.

  19. Peter (verified owner)

    When using, it tells you what % of battery power remaining, and then after about 20 seconds it shifts to display your remaining run time and stays on that time remaining display until you change modes or % of power.

  20. Glenn Collins (verified owner)

    Excellent product it on my dualtron storm

  21. Achol

    5 stars for performance. Reminder to not worry about the comments regarding heat – powerful lights run hot because of the waste heat that a heavily discharging battery dissipates – just turn the light to low when you’re stopped. It will keep the heat generation low and will save you some battery time.

  22. Mole

    Very decent build quality, water resistance so far so good, bright enough for almost anything, the non-proprietary mount is nice, works nicely with the Garmin mount I already own

  23. Bryan Kelly

    Very nice light with multiple modes for varying conditions. Good battery life. The highlight for me is their customer service.

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