Allty 1000 Daytime Running Light

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All in one design road bike light with independent DRL(Daytime Running Light) Allty 1000 is great for commuters as well as a helmet light in a MTB setup.

  • 25 lumen Daytime Running Light, an always-on built-in safety LED for day or night.
  • 1000 lumens max of verified output from 1x CREE XP-L V6 LED
  • 155m max beam distance, 6000CD beam intensity
  • 100 – 50 – 25% Flash and Strobe power modes
  • 1.8 hours runtime on full brightness mode
  • All in one integrated design, 132 g in weight
  • Durable aluminum alloy housing
  • Power button battery indicator
  • Garmin mount with silicone straps
  • Micro-USB rechargeable


Our newest all in one design bike light with independent DRL (Daytime Running Light) Magicshine Allty 1000 is a great road & commuter light as well as a helmet light for a MTB setup.

Single CREE XP-L V6 LED produces 1000 verified lumens with 3 steady modes and 2 flash modes.  Beam spread is at 21 degrees.

Many countries are requiring all cars sold to have daytime running lights to increase visibility and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Considering more than 8 out of 10 cycling accidents happen during the day, more and more cyclists are looking for some kind of bike DRL light, or daytime visible bike light to enhance their presence on the road. A survey conducted in Denmark in 2004/05 with 3,845 cyclists and concluded that those cyclists with permanent running lights recorded a 19% lower incident rate than a control group not using lights.

Magicshine Allty 1000’s separate daytime running light is akin to the ones found on automobiles. An independent LED with constant 25lm output of steady visibility for oncoming traffic during road commutes. The bike DRL light can run by itself for up to 28.5 hours on a single charge or with the more powerful main light on any mode, intended to increase cyclists’ road presence at medium distance without causing discomfort or blindness to motorists. Should you need the boost to visibility the 0-1000 and 0-500 lumen regular and irregular flashes can always be turned on in addition to the DRL light. Note the bike DRL is turned on/off with the power switch, and can not be turned off independently.

Super high capacity 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion cell battery is able to run the brightest steady mode for 1.8 hours, and 12.5 hours under the lowest eco mode.  The daytime running light alone as previous mentioned, lasts up to 28.5 hours on a full charge. Remaining power indicator built under the power button. Green for 100% to 30%,  red for 30% to 10%, and flashing red for under 10%

Handlebar mount for Magicshine Allty 1000 uses the Garmin style base mount and comes with 5 straps, compatible with 25.4 mm to up to 35mm bars as well as some Aero bars.  For easy GoPro mounting please purchase separately an Garmin to GoPro adapter.

DRL DRL daytime running light DRL DRL Allty 1000 Allty 1000 daytime running light daytime running light daytime running light daytime running light Allty 1000Allty 1000 DRL DRL DRL DRL DRLDRL


Weight 6 oz
Max Power




Beam spread

21 degrees

Operation temperature

-20 to 40 Celcius

Operating voltage


Power modes and runtime

DRL 25lm 28.5hrs
High 750lm 1.8hrs
Med: 500lm 4hrs
Eco: 250lm 12.5hrs
Flash1: 0 – 1000lm 3hrs
Flash2: 0 – 500lm 7.2hrs


3.6V 4000mAh non-replaceable

Charging power and time

5 hrs (5V/1A)
max 5W (5V/1A)

Waterproof rating




Net weight

132g ( 4.65oz)

Tech Specs

  • BATTERY : 4000 MAH
  • SIZE: 96X30X36MM
  • WEIGHT: 132G


What's in the box

Box Contents

1* ALLTY1000
1* Handlebar mount
2* Aero bar compatible strap
1* 3mm hex
1* Micro USB cable
1* User manual
1* Warranty card

22 reviews for Allty 1000 Daytime Running Light

  1. Riversong

    I brought this for my husband for Christmas. He is very happy to have it. The light is very bright.

  2. Tre Clark

    Quality Light/ Excellent Cust Service

    Great light for biking.
    Long battery life allows for rides of 50mi or more without a charge. The light has many modes for all types of conditions (rain, night, day, trail, road).
    The mount is sturdy, and comes with a tool to attach and tighten.

    Customer service is excellent.
    -When the light broke at the mount site, they emailed a return label and they replaced quickly allowing me to get back on the trail within a week.

  3. shoner

    Quality for the price and light weight!
    Compared to the night rider lumina 850 it has better lighting which cannot be assumed by the numbers as the cheaper lights are not always what they say they are. Construction seems a bit less durable than the lumina but i run it on my helmet mtbing and havnt had any issues yet. It is also light weight compared to the lumina and other 1000 lumen lights. Have about 5 hours of use so far.

  4. E ke

    It’s a light, for your bike. It works perfectly fine. It has a small daytime running light on top and the main LED light below. It’s bright, has the functionality most lights have, on at different brightness levels then flashing at different levels. I would recommend this light to anyone who needs one.

  5. ronny jose Suárez emiliano


  6. Philip W.

    Light works great. Very bright. I especially like the dim night light feature.

  7. Eugene Cuenca

    Overall, I’ve been extremely impressed with the Allty 1000. It outperforms some lights that cost far more, and I haven’t come across a riding condition where it hasn’t excelled. The Allty 1000 has quickly become a staple on my bars, whether for solo blasts on unlit roads, spins under suburban streetlamps or for daily city commutes.

  8. AUI GUDF8

    I had this for almost a month in training on my road bike. It has a comparable (by 90%) light output with the Varia UT800 and the battery lasts almost same on all settings (lo – mid – hi both flashing and steady). Mounting is not as pretty as the Varia UT800 and other less pricey lamps sold here in Amazon and elsewhere – directly on the handlebar vs on an extended bracket in the front-center of the stem. I believe the latter should be the “NORM” as far as mounting bicycle lamps (IMHO). But, I am not saying it is not sturdy- actually I liked how it grips the handlebar with its rubberized slit-grommet (No shakes and vibrations once mounted). Rechargeable feature is a plus on this MagicShine model. This lamp is easy to use! Price is just about right, too!
    I still give it a 5 star-rating because it deserves it. I cannot totally compare it with my Varia UT800 and give it a low rating score because it doesn’t have the tech-features that Varia UT800 has. I compared the light output. Battery life. Price. And on those categories it earned my 5stars.
    I may have a different taste or experience about this item, but you should test it yourself as well. If you don’t have a Garmin (GPS) head unit this is a bang for your money or if you even have one and just don’t want to spend the extra $$ go for it! I just decided to go on one platform (Garmin head unit, lamp, radar sensor/rear lamp, cadence and speed sensor and HRM sensor).
    I hope you find this review helpful.
    Thank you for reading 😉
    Enjoy riding your bike or whatever activity you will use this lamp and be safe!

  9. engk916

    Love this light, it feels sturdy and took just 3hrs to fully charge. I’ve used it for maybe 2 hours so far and have not had to recharge it yet. I can see 30′ ahead of me so i won’t totally bite it in the dark, lol!

  10. chase_trails_mtb

    Allty 1000 today and it’s hugely impressive it’s actually 2 lights in one… The urban light is bright enough to light up the wet and cold commute through towns and villages whilst being friendly enough as not to blind any on coming traffic…Then if you fancy taking a detour through some woodlands turn on the main light and it’ll light up the tracks ahead. It’s lightweight design also makes it a perfect helmet ligh should you require more than 1000 lumes from your main light.. .

  11. Gazi Constantin

    Magicshine ALLTY1000 has enviable, versatile range of autonomy to easily put on your helmet or handlebars. DRL Light is very useful and well thought out.

  12. Audrey H

    The daylight running feature on the Allty 1000 is pefect for city life, I feel much safer having this light in my set up.


    It amazes me that so many companies still haven’t come up with such a well rounded and simple set of light modes as Magicshine has here. The Allty 1000 has modes for every kind of road riding I can throw at it, yet remains easy to navigate. The claimed run times are consistent with my own experience, too, so top marks to Magicshine.

  14. Chris

    Awesome Light! Built like a tank and lights up the trail and then some! I have it mounted on my handlebars but just purchased the helmet mount for it also! Magicshine brand was highly recommended by a friend that had been running their lights for years!

  15. Sarah Jo

    I purchased this for my husband to use during his night rides. It is great quality with high resolution!! He has had issues with previous lights, the battery life not lasting but this one has outlasted other brands so far. Definitely worth the money.

  16. Mr Galaxy

    This is one nice light; bright, long battery life, all day-running light. In addition, I had an issue where the mounting base chipped and became unstable. Magicshine replaced the unit; great light and great support.

  17. Toni Fazil

    This is one of the nicest products i have the pleasure to own. All functions work well, the build is superb to anything like it, and with the Garmin twist lock as its mounting method it can be used with many different brands of mounts that accept garmin computers

  18. Luke Hadley

    I’ve used a magicshine gopro/light mount for over two years and it’s still doing very well. I paired that up with an Allty1000 & is a great combination

  19. Richard

    Allty1000 is my favorite for road and path use. It has very good runtimes and for most of that period outperforms the 1500 version for slightly less money. It also is my favorite for helmet use because of its output consistency over the 1500. Easy to see why the Allty1000 has received such great reviews, other than having to scroll through the DLR mode in the main program I can find nothing else to complain about!

  20. Mere Mac

    This bicycle light did not disappoint what so ever. It works great, well worth the money so don’t cheap out on those 30 dollar ones.

  21. Krueger

    Terrific bike light with interesting running light features ,I like the way the light operates, in practice, a lot.

  22. H Clark

    I bought both the 1000 and the 1500 to compare them, because I wasn’t sure what I would need. They look exactly the same. After walking around a lot outside with both of them and flashing them both in my and my husband’s eyes to see if they were blinding (to the surprise of no one, if you look straight at them, yes, they are), I went with the 1000. The 1000 has been plenty for my nighttime bike riding needs. I rarely use the maximum setting — only when I go into a residential area without streetlamps. Otherwise the second-to-highest setting works fine. One of the bigger factors that convinced me to go with the 1000 over the 1500 was that the maximum setting on the 1500 was so bright that I was worried I might blind oncoming cars, so I would probably never use it. While the 1500 lasts longer in terms of battery life, I have not had any issues with battery life on the 1000. Then again, I only ride for 20 minutes at a time, so I would expect the battery to last a while.

    Overall, I have been very happy with my purchase! I like the daytime running light, and I appreciate that there are cutouts on the side so that I am visible from the side as well at night. The light stays firmly fixed to my handlebars at all times; I have not noticed any wobbling. I also like that the light can easily be removed from the handlebars when the bike is parked outside, to prevent theft. I would definitely recommend this light!

    TL;DR The 1000 should work fine for you if you ride in an area with streetlamps and share the street with cars. I think the 1500 would be better suited to someone riding in total darkness. Either way, this is a high quality product!

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