Product Review Project

Magicshine product review project is a long-term project designed for establishing closer relationships with Magicshine’s fans, product specialists, active members in various communities, and others as long as they have an open mind and spirit in sharing valuable knowledge and experiences. Our hope for this project is to achieve a open platform where we can better ourselves and our products by receiving valuable feedback and insightful suggestions. Our consumers and partners are our number one priority, so we strive to create top-notch products for them to use. Magicshine Product Review Project users are also very valuable to us so we are designing multiple exclusive benefits for them in exchange for their ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

Prerequisite Qualifications

1) Applicants must reside in one of the following areas: United States / Canada / Mexico

2) Applicants must have an active online presence on renowned platforms such as major tech websites, blogs, or forums with quality posts/threads.

3) Applicants must have a personal social network such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and actively post threads regarding outdoor sports.

4) Applicants must have an open mind in sharing knowledge, experiences, and insightful information to one another within the program in regards to Magicshine.

Additional Information

  1. Magicshine Product Review Project members are expected to test and provide constructive feedback and insightful reviews within three weeks of receiving products. Delayed feedbacks and failure to do so may result in membership suspension and ineligibility to apply for future Magicshine Products.
  2. Magicshine Product Review Project members are expected to share their experience, knowledge, and reviews on personal social networks, Amazon, blogs, forums, blogs, and etc.

So where do I sign up to be a Magicshine product review project member and receive free products to review?

  1. If you feel confident in being a partner member with Magicshine, we warmly welcome you to apply for qualification.
  2. Magicshine maintains full rights to judge and determine an applicant’s qualification into the Magicshine Product Review Project. Magicshine reserves the right to collect photos and posts from Magicshine Product Review Project members, and repost these items on our Facebook Homepage or our Website.
  3. Field testing staff are prohibited from re-selling their testing units and all testing units are not refundable not come with any warranty.


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