Magicshine MJ-900 Headlight / Helmet Light

MJ-900 Bike Front Light 1200 Lumens

Many cyclists are concerned with having the best light or the most powerful light for their recreational riding needs. Most recently I have tried and tested Magicshine’s MJ 900 front light. This light delivers a powerful 1,200 lumen output and is so affordably priced, I’m not quite sure why every rider doesn’t own at least one? Although this is a basic and very simple setup, it is highly effective and delivers performance that is very comparable if not superior to many other higher priced lights in the market today. This is a very easy unit to install and use that most any rider would appreciate on a casual ride.


In the Box




Out of the Box

When the MJ 900 Front Light System is unboxed, it contains the front light with handlebar mount grommet, the battery pack with mounting hook and loop strap, and battery charger. This is a very simple system and very user friendly and functional. The simplicity of the light system is very eloquent in how easy it is to install and use for any recreational or commuting rider.


Mount, Adapters, and Setup















The handlebar mount for the front light is very simple and easy to install. There are two size options on the mounting grommet that allow for easy installation on normal handlebar sizes up to 35mm, The grommet is also very effective in keeping the light unit secured during even the roughest of rides.


Battery Mounting

The battery pack is relatively small and can easily be mounted to almost any location a rider prefers on a bicycle. Magicshine recommends using the top or down tubes, but certainly any location that the battery can be secured with the mounting strap will work depending on riding style and terrain.

The battery pack is a very compact yet powerful 2.6 Ah 7.4 V unit that really delivers with a runtime of 2.6 hours at full power. The battery indicator on the light gives a low power indication when the pack is below 30% power by turning red. The battery will also deliver over 4 hours of runtime at the Medium, or 50% setting, and a whopping 10 hours at the low 30% setting, extremely impressive for such a compact power pack!!!


System Performance, Operational Modes and Feedback

With the light at just 1200 lumens, it is a serious performer on the trail

This small light is a real powerhouse!

Front Light only 55 grams!

The battery pack 130 grams!

Complete System 195 grams! 

After my time spent installing and using this small yet powerful light, I have to say that my initial expectations were all but shattered. It is typical that a smaller, lower powered, and less expensive item can more times than not, be a lesser performer. This is absolutely not the case with Magicshine’s MJ 900 Front Light! The small light head delivers 1,200 lumens and was designed so that those lumens produce maximum output lighting for riding in the darkest of conditions.  The entire system is extremely well engineered to deliver the highest level of performance with less power than some of the bigger light options from Magicshine and the MJ 900 is offered at a spectacular price of only $59.99! This is a great option for a handlebar light that can also be easily mounted to a riders helmet with the use of Magicshine’s MJ 6058 helmet Mount that sells for a mere $9.99. At the prices Magicshine offers, riders could easily afford to have both a handlebar and helmet mount options.

The MJ 900 Front Light is very user friendly and very quick and easy to install on most any bicycle. The superb level of attention to detail by Magicshine’s Development Team shines as bright as the light head itself. Design characteristics such as these are quickly propelling Magicshine to the forefront of the bicycle lighting industry in North America. In this review, I have no other choice but to give this small and very powerful light unit top marks with my highest recommendations to use as a main or secondary light. It is more than capable to do either or both. Well done Magicshine!

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