Introducing Magicshine Allty Series



Due to the very positive community feedback and improving upon our RedDot award winning ALLTY 1000 road bike light, we have decided to expand the whole series, variations from 400 lumens to 2000 lumens are implemented with additional functional and safety features, such as DRL, anti glare, and USB-C fast charging/discharging. Road, urban and mountain bikers alike can always find something for their preferred style of riding.

ALLTY – Be Smart, See Better


While maintaining and steadily improving the performance of our lights, we strive to make them smaller, lighter, easier to carry and more convenient to operate. ALLTY MINI, ALLTY 300/500 had came before as our initial attempts at road lighting but starting from ALLTY 1000, both the ALLTY and RN series have turned over a new leaf and opened the door for creativity and potentiality for a new generation of bike riders.

For users looking for road safety: ALLTY 400/600/800 while meeting the need for basic illumination, offer a few very important safety features. Anti-glare to prevent blinding of oncoming traffic, side lighting to increase peripheral vision of fellow cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. These small lights are very convenient to use and carry, all support USB-C fast charging. The 800 lumen model could also reverse charge your mobile devices as a power bank.

For off-road and MTB riders: ALLTY 1000/1200/1500/2000 can be a smart choice for helmet mounting. All in one design, compact size, convenient quarter-turn Garmin mount, packed together with a punchy 1000 plus lumens. In the case of ALLTY 2000, it could very well handle the bar light duties with its spot/flood beam options and 2000 lumen max output.

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