I’d like to purchase the light head only for use with my custom/3rd party battery pack

The plug type for currently offered Magicshine light heads is standard 5.5×2.1mm. Most 3rd party batteries offering 7.4v nominal voltage, 8.6v charge voltage should work with most light heads no problem, except for Monteer 6500S, 8000S and 8000S V2. These 3 lights are only compatible with Magicshine MJ-6118 battery pack and MJ-6275 extension cable. Having them connected to incompatible battery and/or cable presents a very serious fire hazard.

Does the ambient light sensor work in all mode or only in smart mode?

The ambient light sensor is on at all times and can not be turned off. Under daylight conditions, the bottom facing tracing light is automatically turned off for all three modes, and under Smart mode specifically, part of the main light is turned off as well.

In smart mode, will the brightness of the bottom Light also adjust according to ambient light sensor or bottom light glows in constant brightness?

The bottom light provides constant brightness when it’s on, when daylight conditions are detected, it will be turned off completely.

Will the bottom light blinks when the main light is steady? Also if the main light is blinking, bottom light will be steady glowing? Is it how it works?

On Seemee 200, when the main light is steady the bottom light will be flashing, and vice versa. Both lights can not be set to the same pattern at the same time, when one is flashing the other will be steady.

Your headlamp and flashlight says CRI >90, what is this?

The MOH 15 headlamp and MOD 20 flashlight have a slightly yellowish tint, they help restore object colors under natural sunlight. Lights with high CRI rating help reduce glare, soften shadows, and offer better visibility in the dark than lights with cold white color temperature.

How fast do the RN 1200/RAY 2600 charge? Is this QI USB 2.0 or 3.0? or is it USB-PD? What about the output to charge a phone, is that fast charging?

The RN/RAY series models with Type-C adapt all inputs to 5V/2A, for reverse charging, they support USB PD up to 5V/2A.

How do you change the battery the remote control when it runs out?

You will have to remove the back cap by removing all the tiny screws, the replacement process is rather straight forward. The battery used is CR 2025 for both the 2.4G remote controls.

Is it possible to deactivate the light sensor on Seemee 200 so that the tracing led works all the time?

Unfortunately, there is not a permanent switch-off option for the tracing light, the secondary area light for Seemee 200 is only turned off during the day by the function of the light sensor which can not be turned off. Please also note the tracing light can not be set to constant/flash in tandem with the main light, when the main light is steady, the tracing light will flash and vice versa.

The TTA/MJ-6272 out front mount is too big for my handlebar, what can I do?

The two mounts are designed for 31.8mm and 35mm bars only. Please consider purchasing additional rubber adapters/spacers that can easily be acquired from most retail sites rather inexpensively.

I am having charging issues with my Monteer 6500S/8000S

If your Monteer 6500S/8000S cuts out unexpectedly yet the battery still shows leftover capacity.

If the battery indicator lights come on and will not go off.

If the charging process is taking a long time yet the indicator light does not move up.

This potentially has to do with charging protocols in the charging brick/USB cable. Please switch to a charging brick of at least 5V/1A output and the original charging cable to try again. Preferably after fully draining the battery and with the battery cable disconnected. A charging brick with Type-C output port has a very good chance of correcting the error.


Can you operate the the headlight and charge it at the same time?

Yes, all of the headlight models utilizing a USB rechargeable battery can be used and charged at the same time via a USB power bank. However, for a high powered headlight operating on max brightness, you will notice a significant lumen drop when the primary battery finally drains and the light is solely powered by the external power bank.

Why is the tail light changing modes on its own and running out of battery so quickly?

If you are experiencing short runtimes, and with the Seemee tail light set on flash yet it’s randomly switching to a super bright steady mode every few seconds. It’s because the brake sensor is activated.

The brake sensor runs down the battery significantly faster with its frequent activation of the brake light, this is most pronounced on a busy road where the rider is frequently changing speeds and direction. To achieve the longest possible runtime under current ambient conditions, turn off the brake sensor and switch to Smart mode. (double click to change modes, single click to cycle settings)

Light cuts out but the battery shows full capacity?

If the light cuts out unexpectedly and yet the battery shows 2/3 bars. The cable may have shorted out the battery. Please first try disconnecting the battery cable then test to see if the battery can be charged normally and if it’s able to charge your phone or tablet. You may need a Type-C out cable but if the battery acts normal with its cable disconnected, please consider replacing just the cable.

Can I use a GoPro mount for my light?

To use your light with a GoPro mount you’ll need the Magicshine® Garmin to Gopro Adapter, or probably Magicshine® MJ-6273 Garmin to Gopro Adapter with Screw Handle

The Garmin to Gopro Adapter come by default in the packages of following lights.
Allty 400
Allty 600
Allty 800
Allty 1000
Allty 1500
RN 1200
Allty 2000

For Monteer series lights, both adpater is availbale for purchase separately.
Monteer 3500S
Monteer 5000S
Monteer 6500S
Monteer 8000S

Shop Magicshine® Garmin to Gopro Adapter

Shop Magicshine® MJ-6273 Garmin to Gopro Adapter with Screw Handle

Can I use my light with a bigger battery?
Sure, you can always upgrade to a larger battery than what your light originally came with. The runtime will be extended.
HOWEVER, we don’t recommend downsizing your battery, e.g. using the Magicshine 5000S with a MJ-6112 two cell pack. Operating a demanding headlight with a lower capacity battery may exceed the current limits of the battery, causing overheating and triggering the protection feature to kick in.
In some cases downsizing your battery can potentially cause some serious damage, such as powering Monteer 6500S/8000S with anything other than MJ-6118. Damages to the battery pack will slowly accrue and eventually ruin the battery pack. A light head connected to an incompatible battery pack is a constant fire hazard as well!
How to maximize the life of your Li-ion battery pack?

How to maximize the life of your Li-ion battery pack?

1. Charge your battery pack after every use. Do not allow to become fully discharged.

2. Do not leave on the charger for more than 24 hours. (The protection circuit will cut off the charge but a small amount of current still leaks through.)

3. Do not attempt to fast charge your battery pack.

4. Avoid excessive heat. (Leaving it on the dash of your car on a hot summer day will shorten it’s life)

5. The best conditions for long term storage (over the summer) are in a cool place and with a 50% charge. (A full charge puts more strain on the cells) You can even store the pack in a zip-lock in the refrigerator if you have the space. If stored for more than 3 or 4 months you should check the charge state and top up if necessary.

6. Do not allow your battery to be short-circuited. If the wire becomes damaged, repair before use. All our battery packs have an internal circuit breaker that will shut the battery off if a short occurs. The breaker is reset by attaching the battery to the charger.

7. A battery that has been over charged or discharged can become unstable and result in high temperatures or even fire. For extra safety when charging the battery-pack, remove from the bike, and place in a fire proof container. Always charge in an isolated area, away from other flammable materials. For instance a wooden work bench, carpet etc.

8. Another safety issue is cold temperature charging. Li-ion batteries cannot be charged when they are below 0°C (32°F). Although the packs appear to be charging normally, plating of metallic lithium occurs on the anode while on a sub-freezing charge. The plating is permanent and cannot be removed. If done repeatedly, such damage can compromise the safety of the pack.

9. The battery will become more vulnerable to failure if subjected to impact, crush or high rate charging.

For more information on Li-ion or any type of battery see:

How to Dispose of Batteries?

Batteries are considered hazardous waste in California when they are discarded. This includes AAA, AA, C, D, button cell, 9-volt, and all other batteries, both rechargeable and single-use. All batteries must be recycled or taken to a household hazardous waste disposal facility, a universal waste handler (e.g., storage facility or broker), or an authorized recycling facility.

See a list of all wastes banned from the trash.

Where to Recycle or Safely Dispose Batteries

Local Solutions

Rechargeable Battery and Cell Phone Drop-Off Locator. Find where to recycle used rechargeable batteries from the Call2Recycle website. Or call 1-800-CLEANUP (1-800-253-2687), a service of Earth 911, to find the nearest recycling center. The website includes information about most recyclable household waste, including household hazardous waste collection centers.

CalRecycle E-Waste Disposal Search Directory. Find an E-waste collector or recycler near you to recycle electronic devices that contain embedded batteries.

Where Can I Recycle My… Call 1-800-CLEAN-UP (253-2687) or enter a ZIP code at this website to find the nearest recycling center. Information about most recyclable household waste, including household hazardous waste collection centers, is included.

Local Governmental Household Hazardous Waste Agencies. See the website for local governmental household hazardous waste agencies.

Other Solutions

The Big Green Box. The Big Green Box™ is a national program that offers companies, consumers, municipalities, and other generators, a low-cost, easy, and flexible way to recycle batteries and portable electronic devices. Once The Big Green Box™ is purchased, all shipping, handling, and recycling fees are included. The Big Green Box™ includes a UN-approved, pre-labeled container, pre-paid shipping to and from the recycling facility, and of course, all recycling fees.

Battery Solutions. Battery recycling solutions for businesses, governmental agencies, and consumers.

Retriev Technologies Inc. This company recycles most types and sizes of batteries including alkaline, lithium, mercury, NiCd, lead, and others.

Kinsbursky Brothers Inc. A U.S. EPA-permitted battery-recycling facility in California.

Aqua Metals. This company recycles lead acid batteries via aqua refining.

For more information see:

Knowing how to properly dispose of used batteries is good for the environment. Shop Magicshine Genuine Batteries for all your lights battery needs.

I get no more than 2 hours of runtime on your Seemee tail lights. I think the battery is defective.

With Seemee 100, 180 and 200 bike tail lights. Constant and most flash modes will only last 1.5 to about 3 hours. Only certain the flash patterns can last longer than that. Also having the brake sensor active on a busy road will likely run down the battery as well. For maximizing runtime on your Seemee 100, 180 and 200, please consider turning the brake sensor off and use either the Interactive or the Flash patterns.

To turn on/off the brake sensor: With the light off, press and hold the power button. The light will come on, ignore it. At the end of 5 seconds you will notice a change in light pattern. If the pattern is steady after 5 seconds= brake sensor is turned ON. Flashes after 5 seconds= brake sensor turned OFF.

Please note: double-clicking the power button will switch between the 3 main lighting modes, CONSTANT, FLASH and SMART modes(in that order). Single press to cycle options within a mode, which is brightness under CONSTANT, and flash patterns under FLASH. Under SMART mode, single press does nothing as there are no additional options, the light sensor in this mode switches between day and night mode automatically based on the level of ambient light detected. It is not considered one of the FLASH modes. The SMART mode can last up to 3 hours at night and way longer during the day.

When the light is on CONSTANT mode, double press to enter FLASH mode, under which, single press to cycle between the 4 main flash patterns, Breathe, Comet, Flash, and Interactive(in that order.) Breathe and Comet are slow and gradual patterns, fading in and out, lasting in the neighborhood of 2-3 hours,  while Flash and Interactive are fast and instant, offering longer runtime on Seemee 100, 180 and 200 models.

Are your lights FL-1 standard certified?

What is FL-1 Standard?

ANSI  FL1 Standard – these specifications can be found on the packaging of most LED lights. It is a set of LED light performance guidelines.

Here are how the rating are defined:

Light Output [Lumen]
Light output is a measurement of luminous flux using an integrating sphere. The unit of luminous flux, lumen, is a measurement of energy.

Peak Beam Intensity [Candela]
Peak beam intensity is a measurement of luminous intensity at the middle of the flashlight beam. The unit of luminous intensity, candela, is a measurement of energy.

Beam Distance [Meter]
Beam distance is defined as the distance from the flashlight where illuminance is equivalent to a full moon on a clear night.

Runtime [Hours]
Runtime is defined as the amount of time, rounded to the nearest quarter hour, until output drops below 10%.

Water Resistance [IPX Rating]
Water resistance is stated using the IP rating system, and three ratings are used.

  • IPX4 – water-resistant, or water splashed from all directions
  • IPX7 – water-proof, or temporary submersion at 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • IPX8 – submersible, or continuous submersion at some specified depth for 4 hours

Impact Resistance [Meter]
Impact resistance is tested with drops onto a concrete surface at the specified height with all intended accessories, including batteries, installed.

Are Magicshine lights FL1 certified?

Yes! Most of our newer headlight models including Allty, Monteer series, and RN 1200 have all adopted the FL1 Standard.

What kind of USB charger should I use?

For MJ-6112, MJ-6116 and MJ-6116C

These batteries can be charged via Magicshine MJ-6072 wall charger as well as most mainstream USB charging bricks with at least 5V/1A output.

For MJ-6118 (7.2V 10Ah)

Compatible with Magicshine MJ-6072 wall charger as well as most mainstream USB chargers via USB Type-C with at least 5V/1A output. Protocols for this unit are 5V/3A, 9V/2A and 12V/1.5A. Only one available USB Type-C port for input and output.

We recommend an 18W(9V/2A) charger for MJ-6118 to minimize charging time.



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